Wirelessly Transfer Files via HandShaker (Windows and Mac)

Within this article is a complete step-by-step guide on how to wirelessly transfer files to and from your Android smartphone using HandShaker app. Due to growth in WiFi technology and ease of access, more and more solutions are being released to enable wireless access of your smartphone’s data on your computer. To replace the tedious task of finding a proper USB cable and then physically connecting your smartphone to your computer just to copy over few files, there is this HandShaker tool. Through HandShaker, users can access their smartphone’s internal storage through WiFi without any cable, find out how right ahead.

HandShaker is developed by Smartisan, a Chinese brand. It was initially developed to act as a supplementary interface for Smartisan phones on Mac and Windows but it has been found to work well with generally all Android smartphones. There are three major parts to the whole procedure. One is setting up the computer, then configuring the smartphone and finally, connecting the two. Ahead, we have complete steps with screenshots which you can follow to wirelessly transfer data through HandShaker — both Windows / Mac supported.

Wirelessly Transfer Files, HandShaker

HandShaker utilizes a very clean UI, it is similar to what we have seen with other similar utilities. Users have the choice of viewing folders in different view styles. Further, there is a clear categorization of data between internal storage as well as SD card storage — applicable on phones which support microSD. If you don’t want to browse by folder, HandShaker also automatically picks up content and filters it into Gallery, Music, Video and Downloads.

As an added bonus, HandShaker also shows you the battery level of your smartphone and the space free in each storage partition. Being focused on data transfer, you can’t unfortunately, make calls or reply to texts.

How to Transfer Files Wirelessly to Android Phone with HandShaker

Before we begin explaining all the steps there are few basic requirements listed ahead which you should double check.


  • Desktop Operating System based on either Mac OS or Windows.
  • Both the computer system and the Android device need to be on exactly the same WiFi network.

Meet all the requirements? Let’s begin with the guide!

Complete Instructions:

Step 1 – First, you need to download HandShaker app and install it on your device.

Download: HandShaker-offical.apk

NOTE: Don’t know how to install an APK? Read: How to Manually Install APK Files on Android.

Wirelessly Transfer Files via HandShaker (Windows and Mac) 1

Step 2 – After the app is finished installing, go to your computer and download the HandShaker program. We have both Windows and Mac listed ahead so download the correct one for your use.


Wirelessly Transfer Files via HandShaker (Windows and Mac) 2

Step 3 – After the download finishes, install it.

Wirelessly Transfer Files via HandShaker (Windows and Mac) 3

Step 4 – Once the install finishes, you should see the program open up and the following screen:

Wirelessly Transfer Files via HandShaker (Windows and Mac) 4

Step 5 – Move to your phone and launch the HandShaker app. It should, just like the program on the computer, automatically start detecting for a connection. If it doesn’t find any, click on the “please scan again” blue text at the bottom. Once you click, your camera should open. Now, on your computer, click on “Try scan the QR code…..” which should display the QR code.

Wirelessly Transfer Files via HandShaker (Windows and Mac) 5

Step 6 – Once you scan, there would be a pop-up asking to trust this computer. If it is yours then click on always so you don’t have to scan everytime.

Wirelessly Transfer Files via HandShaker (Windows and Mac) 6

Wirelessly Transfer Files via HandShaker (Windows and Mac) 7

Step 7 – You should now be able to see all your files show up on your computer. You can copy / paste just like your normal computer’s explorer.

Wirelessly Transfer Files via HandShaker (Windows and Mac) 8

That’s pretty much it! You can now easily view, copy and access smartphone files directly from your computer without any cable. Once done, close the program on your system as well as disconnect from your smartphone.

For any issues that you may encounter, reach us through the comments and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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