Best ChatGPT Apps for Android

Best ChatGPT Apps for Android

There is no doubt that OpenAI’s ChatGPT has revolutionized the world of conversational AI with a powerful language model. There are virtually limitless applications and opportunities you can use it for, and people from all fields can take advantage of it. From developers, students, content writers to even social media managers, everyone can use some ChatGPT help to speed up their work.

ChatGPT isn’t just restricted to the web or desktop computers. In this post, we have compiled a list of the best ChatGPT-based Android apps available on the Google Play Store. All of these available for free as of writing this post, but expect OpenAI to soon start charging for this free personal assistant. Let’s get on with our best ChatGPT Android apps list now.

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Download Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 Test Server (Public Test Build)

Call of Duty: Mobile (Featured Image)

You can now download the all new COD Mobile Season 8 Test Server APK here for Android devices, as well as iOS ones. This is the latest public test build of the upcoming Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 that is expected to bring tons of new game content like new maps, balance adjustments and a number of Battle Royale improvements like a new vehicle and a class.

The developers have pushed out this CODM Season 8 test server so hardcore players can test out all the upcoming new features and provide back feedback. All those who provide feedback are expected to receive rewards on finding bugs and reporting back problems. This is a limited-time test build, so make sure you download and get in as soon as possible before the player limit runs out.

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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 Patch Notes | “Elite of the Elite” Now Live

Call of Duty: Mobile (Featured Image)

Activison recently launched the brand new Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 called “Elite of the Elite” and you can read through the full patch notes. This new season brings several new characters as part of the new Battle Pass, and for the LMG fans, a new weapon called Hades has been added. From the last few seasons, regular players had been asking for a new second weapon and the developers delivered it this season with Crossbow.

If you go through the full patch notes of this COD Mobile Season 7, you will notice it also includes a number of weapon balance updates. Battle Royale has also received a new mode called Solid Gold. We will have more details about the new game modes in a future post.

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Download PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK for Android | Attack of the Titans

PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK - Godzilla vs Kong

The latest PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK is now available to download for Android. This is the next major update release for the popular battle royale game for mobile devices. If you haven’t seen the countless teasers on social media or via in-game ads, this latest PUBG Mobile patch features the collaboration with Godzilla vs Kong bringing over new game modes with the two titans and several new updates to different areas in the game.

Not just that, PUBG Mobile 1.4 also launches the new Season 19 Royale Pass with plenty of cool new rewards. You can find several weapon adjustments, Metro Royale updates, Over The Shoulder (OTS) shooting mode, new Arenas map and much more. You can now install this new update from the Google Play Store on Android phones and tablets. However, if for some reason you are not able to install it from the store, you can download PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK here.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Now Receiving April 2021 Security Update

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The latest April 2021 security update is now finally live for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This is one of the last Samsung flagship phones to receive this patch as most recent Samsung Galaxy high-end devices have already received it. This new firmware carries the version N9600ZHS7FUD1 and should be available to all the users within a week at maximum.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be turning 4 this year, making it quite an old flagship phone in 2021. There is a whole lot of other devices released after this one, i.e. Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10 Lite and the Galaxy Note 20 series. There are quite a few rumours that Samsung has no plans on bringing out another Note series device this year, since the last Galaxy S21 came with S-Pen support.

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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 Patch Notes | “Tokyo Escape” Now Live

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 “Tokyo Escape” is now available on Android and iOS. It went live yesterday and will last for about a month. The new Season 3 (2021) is packed with new features, game modes and lots of new content. Not just that, Activision has also announced that two new weapons and two new Multiplayer maps will be introduced this latest season along with Battle Royale updates.

We have the full list of patch notes covered below, featuring all the new content and updates in COD Mobile Season 3. The most exciting part about this latest season is the Night Mode v2, which will be coming back later this month or the next. Activision announced it in a Community Update post on Reddit that the new and updated Night Mode will be making its way back in the later part of Season 3 Tokyo Escape.

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Object Hunt Review

Object Hunt

While browsing for new Android games to pass the time with, we stumbled upon this list from AwsmTips which caught our eye. On the top of the list is a game called Object Hunt which seems to be inspired by the all-famous Garry’s Mod spin-off titled Prop Hunt.

Prop Hunt was and still is an amazing let’s play game that can give you hours and hours of fun. When you play it with friends, the hilarity never seems to stop. You could be hiding right in front of them and they wouldn’t notice at all.

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Download PUBG Mobile 1.1 APK for Android | Metro Royale

PUBG Mobile

You can download PUBG Mobile 1. 1 APK for any Android device from here. This latest update brings some major new changes to the game, like the last New Era update. Notably, there is a brand new battle royale mode called Metro Royale which is in collaboration with the Metro Exodus game.

PUBG Mobile 1.1 also brings the latest Season 16 Royale Pass with tons of new content, new outfits and other customization options. We have an entire list of the patch notes below so you can see each and everything that has changed or been updated in the game.

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COD Mobile Season 12 – Going Dark | Patch Notes

COD Mobile Season 12 - Going Dark | Patch Notes 1

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 12 will be going live tomorrow and we now already have the full list of patch notes for the upcoming update. Th next season in COD Mobile will be called “Going Dark” which signifies the addition of “night mode” maps to the game, a feature that has been requested by fans since months.

Night time maps in Call of Duty: Mobile have been very popular since it was first introduced as a special Halloween event. The infamous Standoff map from the Call of Duty series was turned dark with the Halloween theme and became an instant hit among the players. This time, we may finally see a full night time maps with night-vision goggles.

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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 Patch Notes | Anniversary Update

Call of Duty: Mobile

The big Anniversary update of Call of Duty: Mobile is arriving tomorrow and we now already have the full Season 11 patch notes. COD Mobile (Garena) will be getting the update first before the global version, hence the patch notes list were officially posted on their social media channels.

COD Mobile update will be arriving tomorrow on the 12th October, and the Season 11 Battle Pass will launch a few days later on 15th October. The game update always arrive a few days before the next season is scheduled to begin so all the players are on the same game version.

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PUBG Mobile 1.0 Anti-Cheat System Updates

PUBG Mobile - New Era

Here are all the new changes to the anti-cheat system of PUBG Mobile. This game is no doubt one of the biggest multiplayer games of all-time, that too for a mobile platform. And with the growing popularity of the game, there have been many players trying to hack or cheat the system to win games and earn rewards. Over the last few months, the biggest complaints from PUBG Mobile players have been to improve the anti-cheat system in the game. With the growing list of aim bots and wall hacks for this game, PUBG Mobile has been losing a lot of players.

The all-new PUBG Mobile 1.0 update is now live and available on the Google Play Store. This major milestone update brings a long list of changes and new features in the game. We have it all covered here if you want to read through the changelog. Apart from the beautiful new user experience and graphics updates, the backend system has also received an upgrade – most importantly to the anti-cheat system.

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COD Mobile Season 10: Everything New Coming Up | New Maps, Game Mode, Shotgun

Call of Duty: Mobile on Android

COD Mobile Season 10 is just round the corner and is expected to launch in less than a week. Just like each month, this new season will bring new game modes, characters, bundle crates and tons of other updates. And the most exciting part in Season 10 will be the upcoming ‘Headquarters’ game mode in Multiplayer games. Season 9 – The Conquest was a major update to Call of Duty: Mobile that brought the infamous Gunsmith to mobile, new Battle Royale map locations, Shipment game map and a long list of other changes.

As the next season is coming soon, the teasers and upcoming updates are already live on social platforms of Call of Duty: Mobile. We have gathered these updates from the global and Garena channels of COD Mobile and are already excited to see what new things are being added.

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How to Delete Google Play Store Search History

Google Play Store (2020)

Here you can find out how to delete and clear Google Play search history from your Android phone or tablet. The Play Store is this big marketplace where you can download millions of apps, games, movies, TV shows and lots of music. This store app features a big universal search bar that is used to search for all the previously mentioned categories. Now in case you do not want anyone to go through your search history, you can quickly delete it from the phone.

Google Play Store likes to store your every item you search for in the form of keywords and or search list that you can quickly re-visit from a drop-down list. This can actually slow down the Google Play app on some budget-phones because every time you tap on the “search bar”, the app will also retrieve the list of your last searched items.

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How to Calibrate Battery on Android (2 Methods)

How to Calibrate Battery on Android Phones

Battery problems are the most common of issues that users face with Android phones and tablets. This is why in this guide we discuss a few tips on how you can calibrate battery on Android yourself and easily fix battery issues. In most cases, as soon as battery starts to drop rapidly or acts oddly, we think it’s time to change phones or get the battery replaced. However, you do not really need either of those things – instead you just need to perform an Android battery calibration.

It is no doubt that your phone battery degrades over time, but that doesn’t mean it completely dies out after a year of use. You start noticing odd behaviour of your phone when it shuts down suddenly or your battery indicator shows the percentage dropping really fast. So let’s take a look at the following tips to re-calibrate the Android battery.

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How to Get Weapon XP Cards for Gunsmith Upgrades | COD Mobile

Weapon XP Cards in COD Mobile

Weapon XP cards in Call of Duty: Mobile have always been important to upgrade guns with new attachments. However, with the launch of Gunsmith in Season 9 – The Conquest, upgrading your weapons has become even more crucial to winning matches in Multiplayer or Battle Royale games. The easiest way to unlock each gun;s full potential is through these weapon XP cards. The more you play, the more chances you get of obtaining these cards after every match.

To put things in perspective, you need about 2500 Rare Weapon XP cards to fully unlock every available attachment for the AK-117 assault rifle. Before the launch of Gunsmith, anything over 2000 cards was plenty enough to unlock most guns — but not anymore. If you like to spend money on new Battle Passes and skins, you can still continue reading on how to rack up more weapon XP cards.

Types of Weapon XP Cards

There are about 5 types of weapon cards and in this guide, we will explain all about them and how to keep getting them for free. Most of the items in COD Mobile is colour-coded i.e. green items mean Common, blue means Rare, purple means Epic and orange means Legendary.

Here is a list of all the weapon cards available:

Common Weapon XP Card

Common Weapon XP Card
How to Get Weapon XP Cards for Gunsmith Upgrades | COD Mobile 28

This is the most common type of weapon card. You can easily get 3 of these when you win a match in any mode. This card increases weapon XP by 50 points.

Rare Weapon XP Card

Rare Weapon XP Card
How to Get Weapon XP Cards for Gunsmith Upgrades | COD Mobile 29

This is again a somewhat common weapon card that you can easily get by winning matches. It increases the weapon XP by 100 points.

Epic Weapon XP Card

Epic Weapon XP Card
How to Get Weapon XP Cards for Gunsmith Upgrades | COD Mobile 30

The Rare Weapon XP card increases XP by 500 points. There are more chances of getting this card when you become a MVP in matches.

Common Double Weapon XP Card

Common Double Weapon XP Card
How to Get Weapon XP Cards for Gunsmith Upgrades | COD Mobile 31

Planning to put in lots of hours in a single go? Use this card to double the amount of weapon XP earned in the next 24 hours.

Rare Double Weapon XP Card

Rare Double Weapon XP Card
How to Get Weapon XP Cards for Gunsmith Upgrades | COD Mobile 32

If you are in the mood to play lots of games and are feeling good about it, use this card to double the amount of weapon XP earned in the next 10 matches. You should aim for MVP in each of these ten games!

Now that we know the differences between each of these weapon XP cards, let’s take a look at how to get them quickly.

How to Get Weapon XP Cards in COD Mobile

Weapon XP Cards in COD Mobile
How to Get Weapon XP Cards for Gunsmith Upgrades | COD Mobile 33

With the launch of Season 9, weapon XP cards have become even more essential. We are going to discuss a few (free) ways you can quickly obtain these XP cards to upgrade weapons.

Complete daily missions

Complete daily missions - COD Mobile
How to Get Weapon XP Cards for Gunsmith Upgrades | COD Mobile 34

There is a set of daily tasks that you should complete in order to gain rewards, points and XP cards. To find out daily tasks, go to Events > Daily > Daily Missions. These missions and tasks are always around Multiplayer and Battle Royale matches.

Login daily

Monthly login calendar - COD Mobile
How to Get Weapon XP Cards for Gunsmith Upgrades | COD Mobile 35

You can get free weapon XP cards if you simply login daily in the game on your phone. You can see the list of rewards and your progress by going to Events > Daily > Monthly Login Calendar.

Rank up in ranked games

Play ranked games as much as you can. Most of the ranked matches you play with give much more rewards than the free and unranked ones. To play better, check out our list of the best guns in Season 9: Best Guns in COD Mobile Season 9

Play events missions

Play events missions
How to Get Weapon XP Cards for Gunsmith Upgrades | COD Mobile 36

COD Mobile actively rolls out new ‘Events’ every month or so. And with each event, there is a new set of tasks to complete. Once you complete thell all, you are usually rewarded with rare weapon camos or soldier skins. In the process, you get weapon XP cards and grenade camos.

Level up your player level

The more you play, the faster your player level will go up. And with each level up, you get different perks and rewards.

Send XP card to friends

Send XP to friends
How to Get Weapon XP Cards for Gunsmith Upgrades | COD Mobile 37

Add more friends and regularly send them weapon XP cards. Your exchange will lead you to obtain better and higher XP cards for yourself. They all will be collected in your ‘Inventory’.

Recruit your friends

Recruit new friends to Call of Duty Mobile
How to Get Weapon XP Cards for Gunsmith Upgrades | COD Mobile 38

If you know friends who are not yet playing this game, invite them to join COD Mobile and start playing. When they join and play, you get weapon XP cards among other crates and rewards.

Buy from the store

Buy Weapon XP cards from the store
How to Get Weapon XP Cards for Gunsmith Upgrades | COD Mobile 39

And last, but not the least – you can purchase weapon XP cards from the in-game COD Mobile Store.

Looking for more tips around Call of Duty: Mobile? Check out our COD Mobile section for more tips, guides and news!

The Finest Hour in Call of Duty: Mobile | Season 9 Event

The Finest Hour - COD Mobile

Confused with what to do and how to win the new event The Finest Hour in Call of Duty: Mobile? This guide explains it all about this one-of-a-kind event. Every month we see several game ‘Events’ that require you to complete a few tasks and in return, you get exclusive rewards like new class upgrades, weapon camos or character skins.

The Finest Hour event is the main highlight for Season 9 – The Conquest in COD Mobile. This event started yesterday and will be live for two weeks till 4th September 2020. In this seasonal event, you will have to pick a side and fight your way across Europe to attack different cities and earn rewards. The two modes of COD Mobile – Multiplayer and Battle Royale – play an important role in this. You gain more troops as much as your play different matches.

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OpenMTP: Android Files Transfer for Mac


The relationship between Android and macOS has always been a problematic one. Transferring files between an Android device and Windows is much easier and straightforward. However, things get messier when you want to do the same on a Mac. When you connect your phone with a USB cable, Windows is able to mount and access the Android file system automatically — but you can’t do this on macOS. For Mac users, Google has an official tool called Android File Transfer, but that utility lacks even the basic functionalities. It is extremely outdated, buggy and has restrictions that doesn’t even allow you to transfer files larger than 4GB. This is where OpenMTP comes in.

OpenMTP is an open-source alternative to Android File Transfer for macOS. It uses USB for high-speed data transfer between your Mac and the Android device, instead of using bluetooth, WiFi or even ADB. There are a number of other tools available for transferring files like HandShaker, Portal or CommanderOne. However, not everyone is looking for a paid app to perform basic tasks like moving files. This is one of the main reasons why we really liked OpenMTP – it’s completely free!

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Google Pixel 4a Drivers | How to Transfer Files on Windows and Mac Computers

Google Pixel 4a Drivers | How to Transfer Files on Windows and Mac Computers 2

Here are the latest Google Pixel 4a drivers you can download right now. Pixel 4a is the latest phone in Google’s Pixel lineup that was just launched yesterday. This phone has been on delays for the last three months and was initially supposed to launch at Google I/O 2020 in May. However, COVID-19 happened and most plans had to be postponed. Fast forward to August, we finally have the Pixel 4a announced and it will be shipping to customers in less than 3 weeks time.

Google’s phones and file transfers have never been a smooth ride. With each new model comes a new set of problems and connection issues. We have seen this happen again and again with the Google Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and even the last Pixel 4 phones. In this guide, we go through some of the methods of how to transfer files between the Google Pixel 4a and Windows / Mac computers. We have also covered all the relevant files, tools and drivers needed.

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How to Unlock Katana Operator Skill in COD Mobile – Katana Kill Challenge (90 points)

COD Mobile - Katana Kill Challenge

In this guide, we will show you how you can unlock the new Katana operator skill in Call of Duty: Mobile. When it comes to mobile gaming, COD Mobile is all the rage these days with plenty of updates and new skins and items getting released every week. Just recently we saw how to unlock Purifier H2O as part of this event series, and today we go through a brand new operator skill.

Once unlocked, you will be able to slice, dice and stylishly take down your enemies with this katana. To unlock, you will have to complete a few challenges which you can find under the Katana Kill challenges. Like most other operator skills, you will be able to add katana to any loadout and use it between matches.

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TCL C8 55″ Android TV Review

TCL C8 55" Android TV Review 3

The new C8 series by TCL was launched earlier this year and this latest model builds up on the success of its previous TCL C6 series. And just like each launch, we have seen consistent improvements with better features from TCL. Just when the company discontinued their C6 series late last year, we saw a spike in the number of queries people had about that model. After all, there are not a lot of TV sets that come with an integrated soundbars. Since the launch, I have been really looking forward to review this TV. With TCL’s growing reputation for feature-packed TVs at reasonable prices, I wanted to use and see what has changed and how big of a difference is it when switching from a Harmon Kardon soundbar to ONKYO.

TCL C8 is the latest UHD TV launched by the company. There was supposed to be another model coming up soon after this, but due to the COVID-19 situation, it looks like that has been postponed. This 4K TV comes with Android 9.0 Pie, HDR10+ support and Dolby Vision. The main highlight of the TV is the improved HDR support and the ONKYO soundbar — so great display and sound. TCL has been dominating the global market by offering all these features at such affordable prices.

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