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Download: Google Camera 8.8 APK / GCam Mod 8.8 APK

Here find the latest Google Camera APK to download for your device. Google Camera app, with its amazing portrait mode and performance, has been ported over to many Android devices. Originally, meant for Pixel lineup, developers have been successful at making it work across other phones. In this guide, we will list down all Google Camera ports so you can find one for your device and download it directly.

As Google Camera officially supports Pixel devices, the listed ports all have varying functionality. While all these ports capture photos, some of them have advanced feature support while others don’t. Further, these builds are continuously being worked upon so updates are expected as well.

Download Google Camera APK

Google Camera from Pixel Phones:

The most intriguing part of Google’s Camera app is its post-processing prowess. Using bespoke APIs, this specific camera app can enhance photos drastically. Further, as evident on Pixel phones, the Portrait Mode found within this app is second to none and it does that by just using your primary camera which is mind-boggling.

Further, features like Google Lens support which basically lets you point your camera at real world things to get instant information about them is yet another added bonus of using Google Camera. For improvement in low-light photography, some of these ports also come with Night Sight function which was a big hit with the launch of Pixel 3 series phones. And with the launch of Pixel 4, Google introduced Astrophotography mode which takes the previous Night Sight mode up a notch.

As all are basically ports and developed by third-parties, few bugs and slow-downs are expected along with limited functionality in some.

Google Camera / GCam Mods do not come with support for auxiliary cameras on a phone, like the ultrawide camera, telephoto and even macro lenses. However, a new GCam mod build is now available that supports these other lenses on your phone. You can download it here!

Download Google Camera APK + GCam Mod APK

The following downloads include Google Camera APK files for Google Pixel phones, as well as GCam Mods APK files for supported Android phones. Sorted alphabetically under each major Android manufacturer, here download Google Camera APK for your device:

Google Camera APK

Google Camera 8.8Download APK [GCam 8.8 APK Mod]
Google Camera 7.5Download APK
Google Camera 7.4Download APK
Google Camera 7.3Download APK
Google Camera 7.2Download APK
Google Camera 7.1Download APK
Google Camera 6.2Download APK
Google Camera 6.1Download APK
Google Camera 5.1Download APK

Google Camera Go APK

Google Camera GoDownload APK


Device NameDownload
Zenfone 6Download Google Camera
ZenFone Live L2Download Google Camera
ZenFone Max ShotDownload Google Camera
ZenFone Max Plus M2Download Google Camera


Device NameDownload
PH-1Download Google Camera


It might seem counter-intuitive to list down Google phones but, for older devices, these ports bring in new features hence quite useful!

Device NameDownload
Pixel / Pixel XLDownload Google Camera (Night Sight and Portrait Mode)
Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XLDownload Google Camera (Night Sight, Motion tracking autofocus, Photobooth, Google Lens Suggestions and Portrait Bokeh)
Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XLDownload Google Camera (Astrophotography Mode, Super Res Zoom, features from Pixel 4)
Pixel 4 / Pixel 4 XLDownload Google Camera (includes all the extra GCam Mod features)
Pixel 4aDownload Google Camera


Device NameDownload
Moto G7Download Google Camera
Moto G7 PlusDownload Google Camera


Device NameDownload
Nokia 6Download Google Camera
Nokia 7.2[Google Camera Details] [APK 1] [APK 2]


Device NameDownload
OnePlus 3 / 3TDownload Google Camera
OnePlus 5Download Google Camera
OnePlus 6 / 6TDownload Google Camera
OnePlus 7 / 7 ProDownload Google Camera
OnePlus NordDownload Google Camera


Device NameDownload
Razer Phone 2Download Google Camera


Device NameDownload
Realme 6 Pro[GCam Details] [Download APK]


Device NameDownload
Galaxy S20 / S20+[GCam Details] [Download APK]
Galaxy S10 / S10+ / S10eDownload Google Camera
Galaxy S10 Lite[GCam Details] [Download APK]
Galaxy S9 / S9+Download Google Camera
Galaxy S7 / S7 EdgeDownload Google Camera
Galaxy Note 10 / Note 10+Download Google Camera
Galaxy Note 9Download Google Camera
Galaxy Note 8[Download Exynos APK] [Download Snapdragon APK | Config File]
Galaxy A71[GCam Details] [Download APK]
Galaxy A70Download Google Camera


Device NameDownload
Xiaomi Mi 9Download Google Camera
Xiaomi Mi 8Download Google Camera
Xiaomi Mi A3[Google Camera Details] [Download APK]
Xiaomi Mi A2Download Google Camera
Xiaomi Mi A2 LiteDownload Google Camera
Xiaomi Mi Note 10Download Google Camera (GCam 7.2)
Redmi Note 8 Pro[Google Camera Details] [Download APK]
Poco F1Download Google Camera

These are all the Google camera ports available for various devices. We will be updating this list with newer ones as they come out so save or bookmark this page!

Did we miss an important Android device that you want Google Camera for? Reach us through the comments!

Google Camera / GCam Mod – FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions when it comes to GCam mods or Google Camera ports from the Google Pixel phones. This app is not available officially from Google, so device support is limited and depends on the developer working to port the app for that specific device.

  • What version is best suitable for my Android phone?

    Short answer is, none. No one can claim if any GCam mod will work on your Android device. The only way to check is to download, install and test each feature on your device.

  • What are the requirements to run Google Camera on any Android phone?

    One of the main requirements to run Google Camera on Android devices is that you are running one of the newer versions of Android, at least. You should have Camera2API enabled on your phone and should be powered by a Snapdragon processor.

  • What chipsets are supported by Google Camera?

    Since Google’s Pixel phones are all powered by Snapdragon processors, they are bets optimized for this chipset. Primarily, the high-end models. But in some cases, GCam mods have been successfully ported to phones with MediaTek (MTK) and Kirin processors as well.

  • Can you use GCam on Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ or S20+ Ultra?

    Yes, you can download the latest Google Camera 7.3 APK (GCam) for the Samsung Galaxy S20. It is listed in the download section, or download here!

  • How to use Ultrawide, Telephoto and Macro Camera Lens with GCam?

    It is now possible to use these auxiliary cameras (ultrawide, telephoto and macro) with Google Camera / GCam Mod with a separate GCam build. You can download it here.

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