Download Android USB Drivers for Windows, Mac, Linux

USB drivers for Android phones and tablets are needed for connecting our devices to the computer. This includes, using the device for development purposes which requires Android SDK USB drivers, ADB and Fastboot drivers or transferring media content and files to your phone storage etc. It is always good to have these Android device drivers before hand so you can easily install them or use whenever needed.

You can download the latest Android USB drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux – phones / tablets, ADB and Fastboot mostly from the official websites of device manufactures, but in cases you cannot, we have compiled a list of all the major OEMs and links to their USB drivers / PC Suite (which includes the driver). These are the Android phone drivers, flash tools and device managers, compatible with Windows PC and Mac computers. We have also listed down how to connect Android devices to macOS / Mac OS X and Linux computers.

Android USB Drivers for Windows

Here is a list of popular Android device manufacturers with a link to their USB drivers for download. We have been as descriptive as possible with each driver or tool you need download. If you still think there is more information to be added with each link, please let us know.

Google Pixel USB Drivers

This is the official USB drivers for the Google Pixel and Nexus devices. This includes a number of new Pixel phones and the past Nexus phones and tablets. All Pixel phones use the same set of tools, so you only need these drivers once.

One thing to note here, these universal Google USB drivers can also work to connect other Android devices to a Windows PC.
Size:8.28 MB
Details:Download Google USB Drivers for Windows

You can also install ADB, Fastboot and Google USB drivers with or without Android SDK / Android Studio. For tutorials, you should read the following guides:

Samsung USB Drivers (v1.7.59)

To download the Samsung Galaxy Android USB drivers direct file, you can get it from the link below. However, if you need extra features like backup options and firmware updates, you will have to download Samsung Smart Switch.

Size:37.12 MB

NOTE: Once installed, you will need to provide the necessary permissions in Windows for your Samsung phone to connect properly.

Samsung Smart Switch – Download:

Samsung Smart Switch is the official tool to transfer contacts, media files, messages, calendar entries etc. between your Galaxy phone and the computer. This software will sync contents between both the devices and helps you backup your files or even update the phone firmware. It is available for Windows and Mac platforms, and is compatible with all newer Samsung Galaxy models like the Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S10, S20, Note 10, Note 20, S23 series etc.

Size:41.71 MB36.05 MB
USB Drivers:IncludedIncluded

Check our Samsung Smart Switch page for the latest updates, new releases and up-to-date information about this official software.

Samsung KIES – Download:

For older devices, please download Samsung KIES (drivers included) for Windows and Mac platforms. These older devices include all the Samsung phones and tablets launched before the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 series.

Huawei USB Drivers

Here you can download the latest Huawei Android USB drivers for your device. All Huawei phones are powered by Android, so you only need one type of drivers for the phones to work properly with Windows. Even if your Huawei phone doesn’t have Google services on it, the following drivers will still work.
Size:7.76 MB

HiSuite – Download:

You should download Huawei HiSuite if you want the full set of tools and extra features. HiSuite allows you to easily manage images, videos, applications, etc. on your Huawei phone from a Windows PC or a macOS computer. You can backup and restore media, install firmware updates or transfer files.

Size:48.60 MB28.12 MB
USB Drivers:IncludedIncluded

MediaTek USB Drivers

This is where you can download the correct MediaTek preloader drivers for your Android phone or tablet. Most budget phones have the MTK chipset and requires the official Android USB drivers to communicate properly with Windows PC.

Size:401.63 KB342.53 KB
Chipset:MT65xx seriesMT67xx series

NOTE: For more details on MediaTek chipset / processor types, read through our complete guide on MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers.

OnePlus USB Drivers

It doesn’t matter if you are still using an older OnePlus model, or you have the latest OnePlus 11 phone, the following drivers are fully compatible with each model. OnePlus drivers are packaged in an EXE file and can only be installed. You do not have access to separate INI files to install the drivers manually.

Size:11.8 MB

Sony USB Drivers

Sony USB drivers are always bundled with the Xperia devices, however, you may still need them specifically for development purposes. You can download phone specific drivers for development from the official Sony website. However, we have also linked to general-purpose USB drivers that you can install for any Sony Xperia phone.
Size:4.65 MB

Similar to Samsung and Huawei, Sony also offers a full featured desktop manager called Xperia Companion.

Xperia Companion – Download:

Sony’s Xperia Companion allows you to manage your Xperia devices from Windows and Mac computers. You can create backup copies of your entire phone setup, migrate data from a different phone and you can update firmware or repair an existing phone software. If this is your first Sony phone, we recommend installing the Xperia Companion as it comes with the proper USB drivers.

Size:75.5 MB79.1 MB
USB Drivers:IncludedIncluded

Check out our Xperia Companion page for a complete list of features, system requirements and and latest downloads.

Xiaomi USB Drivers

Here you can download the latest Xiaomi USB drivers for their Mi, Redmi and POCO phones. These drivers are packaged in a ZIP file and are compatible with all Xiaomi devices. Xiaomi Android drivers will allow you to mount your phone memory to Windows PC and easily transfer files.
Size:8.7 MB

The above USB drivers package will also allow you to connect your Mi, Redmi, POCO phone with ADB and Fastboot tools to root phone, unlock bootloader and install a custom recovery.

Mi Phone Assistant / Mi PC Suite – Download:

Mi Phone Assistant
Mi Phone Assistant

Mi PC Suite / Mi Phone Assistant is a Windows utility to manage your Xiaomi phone. You can explore your files, manage apps, transfer media content, backup and restore your device and even update the MIUI firmware.
Size:86.4 MB

For more details on the Mi PC Suite features, new releases and list of supported devices, check the Mi PC Suite download page.

LG USB Drivers

You can download the official USB drivers for LG phones from the following link. These drivers are available for Windows and macOS, and work with all the LG devices. The links below contain the latest versions of these drivers and are updated regularly.

Size:18.94 MB3.7 MB

To manage phone contents and multimedia files, download LG Bridge (PC Suite).

HTC USB Drivers

To connect your HTC phone with a computer, you should download the following drivers for Windows. For Mac, there is a different official utility you can download that also includes the USB drivers.

HTC Sync Manager – Download:

The official HTC sync tool is now available for transferring content between your phone and the computer. With this tool, you can sync playlists to the computer, migrate data to and from iPhone and comes with Android USB drivers.

USB Drivers:IncludedIncluded

For more information about HTC Sync Manager, features and its supported phones, please visit here: HTC Sync Manager

HTC Sync: For older devices, download drivers from compatible devices here: Download HTC Sync

Motorola USB Drivers

To make your Moto phone fully compatible with Windows and Mac, you need to install the official phone manager on your computer. Motorola doesn’t offer a separate package of USB drivers. You can download Motorola Device Manager for Windows and Mac platforms.

USB Drivers:IncludedIncluded

For more information about Motorola Device Manager, features and its supported phones, read: Motorola Device Manager

Android USB Drivers - Download

ASUS USB Drivers

Most ASUS devices come with large storage and that means, you can store a lot of your data on the phone memory. To transfer files from the computer, you need to have the correct USB drivers installed. You can download the ASUS drivers below.

NOTE: If you are looking for the stock USB drivers for Nexus 7 tablet, you can get it from here: Download Nexus 7 USB Drivers.

Nokia USB Drivers

USB drivers for Nokia phones are bundled with the devices itself as a separate drive. We have extracted the official drivers and linked them below if you need to install them on your Windows PC for Android development.

These drivers are only for the Windows platform. For Mac, you need to download Android File Transfer from the link below in the article.

OPPO USB Drivers

OPPO phones are based on ColorOS skin on top of Android, so you need to download the following OPPO Android USB drivers for the phone to work with your PC.

USB Drivers for More Manufacturers:

Android USB Drivers Download

Lenovo: Download Lenovo Smart Assistant for Windows, includes latest USB drivers.

If you are looking for old Lenovo tools and software, download them from the links below:

ZTE: Download ZTE USB Driver.

Fujitsu: Download Fujitsu ADB / USB Drivers.

Toshiba: Download Toshiba Android ADB / USB Drivers.

Acer: Download Acer USB Drivers.

Amazon: Download Amazon Android USB Drivers.

Micromax: Download Micromax Android USB Drivers.

Intel: Download Intel Android USB Drivers.

Nvidia: Download Nvidia Android USB Drivers.

Sharp: Download Sharp USB Drivers.

YU: Download YU USB Drivers.

Alcatel Mobile: Download Alcatel USB Drivers.

HiSense: Download HiSense Android USB Drivers.

Pantech: Download Pantech USB Drivers / PC Suite.

Kyocera: Download Kyocera USB Drivers / 64-bit USB Drivers.

DELL: Download DELL USB Drivers (device specific).

Android USB Drivers for Mac

To connect your Android device to a macOS computer, you need the help of different tools and apps. Mac does not natively support the MTP protocol to transfer files easily between an Android phone and macOS. This is why we have listed a few tools below that we think should work for you without any problems.

You do not need specific USB drivers for Android phones and tablets on macOS. All the transfer of files and communication with the phone is done by using the MTP, ADB and Fastboot tools.

Android File Transfer

Android File Transfer for Mac

This is the official tool provided by Google to connect any Android device with a macOS computer. Simply download the tool, install it and connect your phone with a USB cable for it to automatically recognize and open the files explorer window (as shown above).

Details:Android File Transfer for Mac (Review)

If you think your phone is not compatible with this tool, we have a few alternatives below that we highly recommend you try.


OpenMTP for macOS

OpenMTP is an open-source, better-looking and free alternative to Android File Transfer. This is a new favourite tool we use at Team Android for connecting our Android phones to a Mac. It works flawlessly with most Android devices and doesn’t have the same file-size limits like the official Google tool.

Download OpenMTP for macOS


HandShaker for Android and Mac

HandShaker is another free alternative for transferring media content between your Android device and the Mac. It has a clean UI and works with a USB cable as well as over WiFi. HandShaker is available on Windows and Mac, both.

Download HandShaker for macOS

AirDroid (Wireless Files Transfer)


If you do not have a USB cable around, but want to still transfer files between a Mac and your Android device, you can do so over WiFi. AirDroid is a free utility that allows you to connect your phone and work with it wirelessly without the need of any cables or connection problems. All you need is your Mac and your phone on the same WiFi network.

To learn all about it, we recommend reading this tutorial: How to Tranfer Files Wireless Between Android and Mac

Android USB Drivers for Linux

Unlike macOS, Linux doesn’t have many options of file managers for Android devices. There have been a few apps, but they all are very inconsistent and not regularly updated to support new Android releases. We have linked below to one of such apps that works well with some Android devices.

And just like Mac, you also do not need any USB drivers for Linux operating system.

Android File Transfer for Linux

Android File Transfer for Linux

Android File Transfer for Linux is exactly what you understand by its name. It is a files manager / explorer for Android devices that can run on most Linux distributions. It has a clean UI and is able to perform all basic operations one might need to manage files on their phones.

Download Android File Transfer for Linux

If you are familiar with command line tools or ADB commands, it is much easier to transfer files between an Android phone and a Linux computer over ADB tool. You can read our guide here: How to Transfer Files to Android Devices with ADB

Didn’t find the right drivers for Android phone/tablet you are looking for? Feel free to request specific Android USB drivers from the contact page.