Unlock All Levels with 3 Stars of Amazing Alex

Have you tried the Amazing Alex? It’s a new game from the makers of Angry Birds. We just wrote about how you can backup and restore game progress, now you also unlock all levels with 3 stars in Amazing Alex. There is an app for that already!

This free app allows you to unlock all trial version levels and give yourself 3 star scores in Amazing Alex! You don’t require root or anything else. Just a simple buttom tap will do the magic trick. Let’s continue below and unlock all Amazing Alex levels.

Unlock All Levels with 3 Stars of Amazing Alex 1

How to Unlock All Levels with 3 Stars of Amazing Alex

The process is very easy. You simply download the free Android app and follow the simple instructions / buttons given on the main screen. We’ll do a small step by step tutorial as well below.

Unlock Amazing Alex All Levels and 3 Stars

Step 1 – Download Backup Amazing Alex free Android app from Google Play Store and install it.

Step 2 – Open the app.

Step 3 – Tap the big “Give me 2 stars and unlock all levels” button to unlock Amazing Alex.

That’s it. Your Amazing Alex is now unlocked with all levels on 3 stars. Would you like to backup or restore game progress files? See here.

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