Idle Breakout Codes, Hacks and Import Codes

Idle Breakout is a free, fun and online brick breaking game at Cool Math Games, which is also available to play on Android. You break different thickness of bricks based on numbers that are shown on the said bricks and you can destroy the bricks either by clicking them through your mouse pointer or through balls. The balls that break the bricks are the fun part as they are multiple types of them each having their own speed, powers and their own unique abilities to get the job done.

If you play Idle Breakout the way it is, it really gets boring and also it will take a lot of time out of you to reach the levels where it gets fun. So, how can you make the game exciting? Well, you can with Idle Breakout import codes. In this article, we have covered several methods on how to hack Idle Breakout with cheat codes, console commands and “game save” files which are also known as import codes.

Idle Breakout
Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout Gameplay

The game has countless levels and we start from level 1 with a collection of thickness 1 bricks. At first you have to manually click the bricks to be able to afford a simple yellow ball.

After that, either you can break the bricks by clicking on it individually or the ball will break them. You also earn in-game money which is mentioned at the top right side by hitting or breaking the bricks.

As the game progresses and you get more money, you can afford more types of balls that bring a different flavor to the game by the abilities that they bring to the table.

Idle Breakout Hacked
Idle Breakout Hacked Version

If you play the game the way it is, it will take a lot of time out of you to reach the levels where it gets exciting. It also gets boring to an extent as well because you keep seeing the same three types of balls breaking the bricks for a long period of time before you can afford the next one. So, the game becomes progressively stale if you’re not using some sort of assistance.

Idle Breakout Cheat Codes

The purpose of this article is to arm you with some of the latest and exhilarating Idle Breakout codes that can rekindle the excitement that you once had when you started playing the game.

These Idle Breakout import code values range from beating thousands and thousands of levels to infinite money code to going to the level of your own choice! The cheat codes really bring a whole new flavor of having fun and it brings me back to the good old Grand Theft Auto days when we used to hack and cheat our way into missions!

Idle Breakout Level 200,000+
Idle Breakout Level 200,000+

There are virtually unlimited Idle Breakout codes out there, and we’ll try our best to list the top ones here. You can skip the boring part and reach exciting levels these import codes. You can have infinite money to buy anything without worry using a special infinite money code. You can extend the limit to the amount of balls that are there so you can see more destruction of bricks at a quick rate.

It’s all thanks to the community of Idle Breakout that shared those hacks / codes (as their own game saves) and made it possible for people to have fun that didn’t find it interesting from the get go. Without these codes, I honestly would have left the game at level 5!

So, let’s get started with the codes list:

Beat 200+ Level

By applying this Idle Breakout cheat code below, you can jump from single or two digit levels to three digit ones! You can skip around 200 levels in Idle Breakout if you use the import code below:


Reach Level 209

This code will take you to level 209 of the game:


Reach Level 1836

This code below will take you to level 1836 of the game:


Beat 10,000+ Levels

Through this hack, you can get to five digit levels! Skipping around 10,000 levels with this import code with insanely huge bricks is a feast to watch.


Reach Level 260464

This code below can take you to the level 260464:


Idle Breakout Infinite Money Code (First Method)

This import code will give you infinite money and will take you to four digit levels where you can buy all types of balls to destroy extremely high amounts of bricks:


Idle Breakout Infinite Money Code (Second Method)

This is the second import code for Idle Breakout to get infinite money and this will take you to three digit levels. If you want to get yourself familiar with the infinite money mechanic and don’t want to go too far yet, the cheat code below is the perfect piece to solve the puzzle.


Break 1 Million Bricks Instantly

This is the cheat code that will give you the ability to break bricks at an insanely fast rate. With a blink of an eye a 1000s levels change. It’s fast-paced and thrilling.


How to Use Idle Breakout Codes

Here is how you can use the above mentioned import codes in Idle Breakout:

Step 1: Go to Cool Math Games for Idle Breakout

Go to and search for “Idle Breakout”, the website will give you the option of the game like this. Click on the option and wait for the game to load.

Search Cool Math Games for Idle Breakout
Search Cool Math Games for Idle Breakout

Step 2: Click the Gear Icon

You’ll get a screen like this, this is the actual interface of the game. To use the above mentioned Idle Breakout hacks, click the gear icon on the top right, left to the volume button.

Open Idle Breakout Settings
Open Idle Breakout Settings

Step 3: Click on Import Button

Clicking the gear icon will take you to the settings of the game where after that you have to click on the import button. Make sure that you have already copied the cheat code that you intend to use in the game.

Import Code in Idle Breakout
Import Code in Idle Breakout

Step 4: Enter Import Code in Idle Breakout

When you click on the Import button, a dialog box will appear that will ask for the Import data. Basically this is where you enter your Idle Breakout import code that you intend to use in the game. Paste the copied code into the dialog box and click OK.

Enter Idle Breakout Codes
Enter Idle Breakout Codes

After using the above steps, you will see the cheat code in action in the game.

Pro Tip: If you’re already using an Idle Breakout hack and want to use a different one, refresh the Cool Math Games website first and then do the above steps to use another cheat code.

How to Generate Idle Breakout Custom Codes

There’s also a Replit tool that can assist you in making a custom Idle Breakout hack of your own. You can enter the level that you want to be in, the amount of money you want, the quantity of skill points and black boxes.

After giving the parameters, the tool will then give you a customized code that you can enter with the help of the steps mentioned above to have a much more customized and pleasant experience of your game.

This is the Idle Breakout Hack by Xsus on Replit.

Idle Breakout Hack - Xsus
Idle Breakout Hack – Xsus

For the tool to work, click on “Run” on the top right corner. It will then ask you the level you want to be in, the amount of money and gold you desire, the black boxes and skill points.

Idle Breakout Hack Result
Idle Breakout Hack Result

Once the result is generated. Copy the characters that are inside the quotation marks and use the aforementioned steps to enter the cheat code and use the hack.

Idle Breakout Codes FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions that we think can help you in case you are facing any problems when trying to use the above Idle Breakout codes.

Why is my Idle Breakout code is not working?

There may be a possibility that you have entered a wrong hack and that could be the reason that the code is not working. The Idle Breakout codes are case sensitive, so you have to be careful not to miss any letter, number or special character when copying and pasting the import code in the dialog box.

When entering the Idle Breakout codes, will my device get hacked?

This article shows the cheat codes to hack the game Idle Breakout that you are playing and not the device that you are using. The codes are safe to use and they don’t impact your device in any way, shape or form.

How to use Idle Breakout codes?

You can enter an Idle Breakout hack through the steps mentioned above.

How can I get more Idle Breakout cheat codes?

You can get more Idle Breakout codes through the hack tool by Xsus that we mentioned above.

Why do I get a black screen in Idle Breakout when entering import code?

If you find yourself a black screen when entering the code in Idle Breakout that means that import code has been redeemed enough by a lot of people or it has expired. Either way, it means the code will not work any more. 

Why doesn’t the dialog box appear after I click ‘Import’ in Idle Breakout?

Idle Breakout has that inconsistency where at times, clicking the import button doesn’t show the box that asks for the hack to enter. In that case, refresh your web browser and then use the same steps mentioned above to enter the code.

Are there actual hacks in Idle Breakout?

Technically, the cheat codes or hacks in Idle Breakout are not actual hacks but they are saved files of other users that have gone through the gruesome and boring part of the game so that newer users don’t have to and they can jump right at the exciting stuff. This is all thanks to the dedicated community of Idle Breakout that have gone through the “idle” stuff and are willing enough to share the fun with all of us!

If you think we have missed some cheat codes, hacks or if some of the import codes mentioned above have stopped working already, let us know in the comments below!

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