PUBG Mobile 1.0 Anti-Cheat System Updates

Here are all the new changes to the anti-cheat system of PUBG Mobile. This game is no doubt one of the biggest multiplayer games of all-time, that too for a mobile platform. And with the growing popularity of the game, there have been many players trying to hack or cheat the system to win games and earn rewards. Over the last few months, the biggest complaints from PUBG Mobile players have been to improve the anti-cheat system in the game. With the growing list of aim bots and wall hacks for this game, PUBG Mobile has been losing a lot of players.

The all-new PUBG Mobile 1.0 update is now live and available on the Google Play Store. This major milestone update brings a long list of changes and new features in the game. We have it all covered here if you want to read through the changelog. Apart from the beautiful new user experience and graphics updates, the backend system has also received an upgrade – most importantly to the anti-cheat system.

Popular Hacks and Cheats

There are many free and paid cheats / hacks available that some players use to win Battle Royale games and earn more rewards. This gets them an unfair advantage over all the others playing in the same match. PUBG Mobile 1.0 update has improved striking against the following hacks:

  • Cheat Z
  • Cheat M
  • Auto-Aim
  • Grass Hack

Version 1.0 Anti-Cheat System and Tech Upgrades

PUBG Mobile 1.0 Anti-Cheat System Upgrades

Other than this, Tencent has optimized and upgraded security and hacks detection in other parts of the game as well. Just a few months back, the teams at PUBG Mobile cracked down on thousands of accounts using cheats and suspended them from playing any further.

Similarly, the new anti-cheat system will ban your account for 10 years from playing PUBG Mobile. That is a lot of years!

Here are more changes made to the anti-cheat system in PUBG Mobile:

  • Further optimized spectating system
  • Fixed engine security issues
  • Optimized the impact of security monitoring on performance
  • Optimized the process and tools of security protocols
  • Tightened security protocols on Livik penalty threshold
  • Crackdown on chat channel cheating promotion
  • Crackdown on ranked TDM

There are further reports of PUBG Mobile security teams checking different hacks groups on social media and banning accounts permanently. If anyone is caught dealing with cheats, hacks etc. or distributing and promoting them anywhere in the game will get a 10 years ban.

Most of the cheats only work on Android, not many available for iOS devices.

PUBG Mobile 1.0 update is now available on the Google Play Store and for those who do not have Google services on the phone, here is how you can download and install.

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