Download Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 Test Server (Public Test Build)

You can now download the all new COD Mobile Season 8 Test Server APK here for Android devices, as well as iOS ones. This is the latest public test build of the upcoming Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 that is expected to bring tons of new game content like new maps, balance adjustments and a number of Battle Royale improvements like a new vehicle and a class.

The developers have pushed out this CODM Season 8 test server so hardcore players can test out all the upcoming new features and provide back feedback. All those who provide feedback are expected to receive rewards on finding bugs and reporting back problems. This is a limited-time test build, so make sure you download and get in as soon as possible before the player limit runs out.

Here is a list of all the new features you can expect to play and test in this public test build:

  • New MP Map – Hovec Sawmill
  • MP Map Revamp – Crash
  • New Operator Skill, Scorestreak, Weapon, Perk, MP Mode, BR Vehicle, and BR Class
  • Various optimizations to MP
  • New loadout features
  • Balance adjustments
  • New Undead Siege content

NOTE: As per usual, everything you see in the build may not be final, may be buggy, may have placeholder art or text, or may be different from what eventually releases. Sometimes content we are testing is for the next season or it could potentially be for two seasons from now.

In case you haven’t been touch with the what’s going on in Call of Duty: Mobile in the current season, check out the latest COD Mobile Season 7 patch notes here!

Download COD Mobile Season 8 Test Server

Download COD Mobile Season 8 Test Server

As we mentioned earlier, this test server is available for both, Android and iOS devices. We have listed down how you can download it on your respective phones and jump on the testing all these upcoming features. There are a few points you need to keep in mind. This test server will only work through September 13, and has a player registration limit of 30,000 players. All players data will be removed at the end of the test.


You can download the Android version of this Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 public test build in two versions – for 32 bit devices and 64 bit devices. You will have to download the appropriate APK, depending on what phone you have. Most newer Android phones are all built on the 64-bit architecture.

You will need to have atleast 2GB free space on your phone to download and fully install this build, so it is better to be on a good WiFi connection.


For those playing on iPhone and iPad can also get on the public test server with the help of iOS TestFlight. You will have to install the TestFlight app in order to gain access to this COD Mobile build. To follow all the instructions and join the test build, download the game from here:

One important thing to add here is, that do not expect every piece of new content you see in this public test server as coming in the next Season 8 of Call of Duty: Mobile. A lot of times, these test servers include content that may or may not show up in 1-3 seasons ahead.

If you encounter any bugs or problems while trying to get on the test server, do let us know in the comments and we will try to help you out. Call of Duty: Mobile is now out for Android and iOS devices, completely free to play with in-app purchases.

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  1. I am not able to log. In in cod mobile test server it shows some sort of error of connection.
    But i have 150 Mbps speed wifi what to do please tell me i log in with guest

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