You can Pre-Order Galaxy Note 20 in the US Now!

Samsung’s next Note flagship is going to be officially unveiled on August 5th, with reservations already open, here is how you can pre-order Galaxy Note 20 right now. For US customers, Samsung is offering an early reservation program that will ensure a Galaxy Note 20 pre-order spot for interested buyers and 50$ in-store credit. This way, registered buyers will be able to get their Note 20 on day one and enjoy credits towards other items on Samsung’s store!

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 reservation program is free of cost — as it should be — since buyers will be putting down their names for a phone they haven’t seen yet. Moreover, the pricing details have not been disclosed yet. After the August 5th event, we will have more clarity on all of this pending information. However, chances are, loyal Note fans will buy the Note 20 regardless of the specs or pricing and for them, this reservation of Galaxy Note 20 pre-order makes sense.

Pre-order Galaxy Note 20

Reserve and Pre-Order Galaxy Note 20 in United States

The reservation program is solely present on Samsung’s official website. Users can fill up a simple form to confirm that they will be looking to book a pre-order of Galaxy Note 20. More, the form submission is totally free. And if that was not enough, Samsung is offering 50$ in credit on its Store after you pay completely for the pre-order.

UPDATE – We have covered an additional guide with detailed Note 20 pricing info: Where to Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 20 in US

Since it is a free form to fill out, we advise that you submit it even if you are not completely sure about pre-ordering. This way, if you do end up going with a pre-order, you will get the device on day one and also get to enjoy 50$ of in-store credit on Samsung’s website.

Samsung Store

Browse to this link to reserve and pre-order Galaxy Note 20. Again, this reservation is free of cost and the promised 50$ in store credit will be added to your account once you pay for the order itself.

You can Pre-Order Galaxy Note 20 in the US Now! 2

The reservation process to pre-order Galaxy Note 20 is pretty simple. All you need to enter is your email address, ZIP code, name and optionally, your phone number. Samsung will notify you once pre-orders are up and will give you preference over other customers in the ZIP code that haven’t reserved before hand.

Early reservation programs like these are extremely helpful for enthusiasts who want to get their hands on Samsung’s latest flagship on day one. Further, with added benefit of 50$ in-store credit, its a no-brainer for those already decided on pre-ordering.

Pre-Order Galaxy Note 20 Benefits

For now, Samsung hasn’t let us in on what it will offer for pre-order customers. However, if we were to guess from previous years, it will definitely be something exciting.

You can Pre-Order Galaxy Note 20 in the US Now! 3

A recent leak brings us a look at the pre-order Galaxy Note 20 brochure that highlights free Galaxy Buds Live — Samsung’s upcoming wireless earbuds. If this turns out to be true, it will be definitely a great deal! More, Samsung will hold trade-in programs as well as add vouchers from business partners to make the pre-order even more enticing.

We will be covering more details about Samsung Galaxy Note 20 as they come out so definitely stay tuned!

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