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Android may be the biggest mobile platform, and it may even arguably be the better platform. But when it comes to updates, it surely is lacking behind. Several OEMs have poor track records of issuing updates to even flagship devices. However, OnePlus is one brand that is consistent with releasing updates. A lack of cheap-Google devices in the market means potential customers for OnePlus. Even though OnePlus has gotten better with updates, phased roll-out is still a barrier which causes delays. That’s where Oxygen Updater can help.

Generally, when an OEM rolls out an Android update, it arrives on your device as an OTA package. The update is rolled out in batches depending upon your region, carrier, etc. So a OnePlus 5 owner from Europe may be rocking the latest update telling you about it on the internet while you, in India, are still waiting for it to arrive for your same OnePlus 5. Can’t blame anyone here to be fair, since the servers can only handle so much load. However, this tool collects the official download links and lets you download the packages manually, hence avoiding any delay.

The name may suggest otherwise but Oxygen Updater is not an official tool offered by OnePlus nor even developed by an employee of the company. It is a third-party tool that has been developed by enthusiasts. This utility works with OnePlus 6, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 5, OnePlus 3T, and the OnePlus 3. It’s super easy to use too. Simply select your device and it will check whether your device has an update or not.

Oxygen Updater - Download OxygenOS Updates Early 2

It works for all the afore-mentioned OnePlus devices and it can also pull up packages from both stable and beta channels. The app also allows you to download partial OTA or full firmware packages (in case you’re rooted). Once downloaded, the packages can be installed via the stock or the custom TWRP recovery.

Bypass OTA Waiting Time on OnePlus Devices with Oxygen Updater

Follow the guide below to learn how to use Oxygen Updater:

Step 1 – Download the Oxygen Updater from the Google Play Store

Step 2 – Launch the app when installed, and it will detect your device.

Note (The app will ask to be granted root permissions if your device is rooted, you can skip the step if you don’t have a rooted device.)

Step 3 – When you get to the main screen of the app it will either tell you that you are up to date or show you an available update.

Oxygen Updater - Download OxygenOS Updates Early 3

Step 4 – In case an update is available, hit the Download option and the download will start in the background.

Step 5 – Once the download completes, tap on the notification. The app will then automatically reboot your device into recovery mode, install the update and then reboot again.

Great! You have bypass the OTA waiting time on your OnePlus device. If you have any issues, feel free to contact us in the comment section.

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