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You can now download Oppo PC Suite here to manage latest Oppo phones. You can connect your Oppo phone using this PC companion app for Windows and even Android. Oppo is one of the popular Android OEMs with a big portfolio of mid-range to high-end flagship devices. Their phones are particularly popular in China, Australia, Middle East and in Southeast Asia. This Oppo PC Suite will help you manage your phone directly from the computer.

Oppo does not have an official PC suite for Windows or Mac. They never released a PC companion, yet there are free tools that you can use to completely manage your Oppo phone. In this article, we look at one such tool called MobileGo that is fully compatible with Oppo devices. You can transfer and backup music, photos, videos, contacts from your Oppo phone to PC easily. Not just that, this Oppo companion app can now work as an Android toolkit.

Download Oppo PC Suite

Why install Oppo PC Suite?

There is a long list of features on why you should install this PC companion app on your PC. If that doesn’t convince you, here are a few more reasons. Most of the time, we are too busy on computer and miss important calls or messages on the phone. This is where this PC Suite can help you.

Oppo PC Suite supports mirroring your phone on the computer, so you can reply to WhatsApp messages or texts directly from the PC. You can also check for all your notifications and calls without touching your phone. This is a free download with plenty of benefits for Oppo users.

MobileGo is fully compatible with every Oppo phone in the market. You can explore your device from a big screen! And if you download a lot of APK files and then manually install on your phone, you can do it now directly from this Oppo PC Suite. Just drag and drop the APK into the app on your PC and it will be installed.

Oppo PC Suite – Features

MobileGo comes with a long list of features that can be very helpful to every Oppo phone user. Here is a list of some feature highlights:

Transfer Data

Using this Oppo PC Suite, you can easily transfer your pictures, videos, music and other files between your PC and the phone. You can also backup your messages, media files and games data when switching between different phones.

Oppo PC Suite - Free Download

Send SMS from PC

You can also send text messages from PC without using your phone. This is helpful when you have a lot of SMS to reply to, so you can easily do that from your computer and a full keyboard.

Manage Contacts and Remove Duplicates

Oppo PC Suite also lets you manage contacts directly from the computer. This is useful if you have a lot of contacts stored in the phone memory and you want to import / export them to the cloud. You can easily do it with this tool. And if there are a lot of duplicates, you can also remove them to avoid any confusion.

Built-in Files Manager

If you are tired of searching for a good files manager for Android, look no further. You can manage all your files on the phone with MobileGo. You can quickly move, create and delete files that you no longer need.

Backup and Restore Data

Worried that something might happen to your phone data? You can easily create a backup of everything on your phone with Oppo PC Suite. And if needed, you can also restore that content back to your device.

Oppo PC Suite – Free Download

The latest version of Oppo PC Suite / MobileGo can be downloaded from the link below. This software is not officially released by Oppo, but it feels official enough as it supports and fully works with all Oppo phones.

NOTE: MobileGo is available for free download (trial version). You might have to purchase additional tools for specific features like data recovery.

Oppo PC Suite - Download PC Companion for Windows 1

Oppo PC Suite – More Information

Oppo USB Drivers: To connect your phone with Oppo PC Suite, you need proper USB drivers installed on your PC. You can download the latest Oppo USB drivers here.

Custom ROMs: Oppo PC Suite is compatible if your Oppo phone is rooted or unlocked in any way. Some features might not work, but most of them will work properly. For AOSP based ROMs, please visit our Custom ROMs section.

Compatibility: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 10.1

Credits: MobileGo

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