OnePlus 6 OxygenOS & Open Beta Firmware – Download All Updates

Here we have listed all the OxygenOS stable as well as Open Beta official ROMs for OnePlus 6. Just like other major manufacturers, OnePlus ships its devices with Android software that has a custom overlaying skin. Named as OxygenOS, this specific overlay is quite close to stock Android with few minor changes. Being similar to stock allows the brand to be able to update OxygenOS quite regularly and keep it up to speed with latest Android. Now, as updates grow in number, here we have combined all available OxygenOS versions including Open Beta builds into one single article so it is easier to download.

OxygenOS has two main versions one is the standard while the other is the Open Beta. Both have different versioning schemes. For starters, Open Beta builds are slightly unstable builds that have new features which are currently being tested and finalized. As for the standard OxygenOS, it is the one which is pushed to all devices and has the highest stability as well as reliability. Whether you are switching from Open Beta to OxygenOS stable, or the other way round, you can use our guide to download all available versions for OnePlus 6 right ahead.

Download OxygenOS / Open Beta, OnePlus 6

What is the difference Between Open Beta and OxygenOS?

As indicated earlier, there are two release channels for OxygenOS software updates. One is the standard, or more easily referred to as stable, while the other is Open Beta. Being an enthusiast brand, OnePlus wanted to get customers involved in its software development process and to accomplish that, the brand came up with Open Beta builds. Essentially, these firmware releases differ from stable as being slightly unreliable but at the same time they carry new features that haven’t yet been integrated into the stable release.

Rather than forcing users to only rely on the final product, this way, OnePlus owners can test out new functionality and give their feedback for further improvement. Further, this also lets the brand integrate new features and functions that much faster as it can skip or reduce the testing phase.

In case you came here looking for OxygenOS and Open Beta updates for the OnePlus 6T, we have them covered here!

OxygenOS Stable ROM for OnePlus 6

Below, we have listed official OxygenOS stable ROMs that can be installed on the OnePlus 6. Being official ZIP files, this update can be flashed directly through the built-in stock recovery rather than requiring a custom one to be installed.

DateOxygenOS Stable VersionDownload for OnePlus 6
23 May 2018OxygenOS 5.1.3 Download
24 May 2018OxygenOS 5.1.5Download
9 Jun 2018OxygenOS 5.1.6Download
14 Jun 2018OxygenOS 5.1.7Download
20 Jul 2018OxygenOS 5.1.9Download
15 Aug 2018OxygenOS 5.1.11Download
15 Sep 2018OxygenOS 9.0Download
1 Oct 2018 OxygenOS 9.0.1Download
1 Nov 2018OxygenOS 9.0.2Download
29 Dec 2019OxygenOS 9.0.3Download
12 Feb 2019OxygenOS 9.0.4Download
21 Apr 2019OxygenOS 9.0.5Download

OxygenOS 9.0.5: Changelog

Here is an official changelog of all the new features and changes in this latest OxygenOS Stable ROM:


  • Updated Android security patch to 2019.3
  • General bug fixes and system improvements


  • Introducing feedback tool for reporting bugs and submitting feature requests

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OxygenOS Open Beta ROM for OnePlus 6

These are experimental Open Beta ROMs for OnePlus 6. Again, these are official files so they can be installed directly through the stock recovery. However, being beta builds, there might be some bugs or issues.

These ROMs may include experimental features that may or may never make it to the stable release.

DateOpen Beta VersionDownload for OnePlus 6
3 Sep 2018Open Beta 1Download
9 Sep 2018Open Beta 2Download
15 Sep 2018Open Beta 3Download
29 Sep 2018Open Beta 4Download
19 Oct 2018Open Beta 5Download
30 Oct 2018Open Beta 6Download
19 Nov 2018Open Beta 7Download
17 Dec 2018Open Beta 8Download
18 Dec 2018Open Beta 9Download
28 Dec 2018Open Beta 10 Download
14 Jan 2019Open Beta 11 Download
29 Jan 2019Open Beta 12Download
27 Feb 2019Open Beta 13Download
12 Mar 2019Open Beta 14Download
27 Mar 2019Open Beta 15Download
15 Apr 2019Open Beta 16 Download
1 May 2019Open Beta 17 Download
7 May 2019Android Q BetaDownload

Open Beta 17: Changelog

Open Beta for OnePlus 6 / OnePlus 6T

Here is an official changelog of all the new features and changes in this latest Open Beta ROM:


  • Display overheating device warning
  • New UI for system update

Quick Reply in Landscape

  • Supported more IM APPs for Quick Reply in landscape
  • Apps don’t get paused when using quick reply in landscape


  • Optimized search experience by adding search field, and grouping search results in different categories
  • Improved the UI of Social page
  • Optimized Log recording in Bug Report section

OnePlus Switch

  • Supported permissions migration for applications

File Manager

  • Added the Intelligent cleanup feature (India only)

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How to Install Official OxygenOS ROM (Open Beta & Stable) on OnePlus 6

Once you have downloaded the ZIP file, either stable or Open Beta, read these steps to flash it on your OnePlus 6 phone.

Step 1 – Locate the file you downloaded and place it in an accessible folder in your device. If you downloaded it on your PC, copy it to your phone.

Step 2 – After that you should go to Settings menu and then to System Update.

Step 3 – Once there, you should be able to see a settings icon on the top right. Click it and choose local upgrade.

Step 4 – Now, locate your file that you downloaded and click on Install to confirm.

That would be all to install new OxygenOS on your OnePlus 6! Again, this procedure works with all official versions, be it Open Beta or stable.

This article will continuously be updated with new builds as they arrive so make sure to have it has a bookmark and check back regularly.

If you find any broken / not working link, reach us through the comments.

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