How to Unlock Katana Operator Skill in COD Mobile – Katana Kill Challenge (90 points)

In this guide, we will show you how you can unlock the new Katana operator skill in Call of Duty: Mobile. When it comes to mobile gaming, COD Mobile is all the rage these days with plenty of updates and new skins and items getting released every week. Just recently we saw how to unlock Purifier H2O as part of this event series, and today we go through a brand new operator skill.

Once unlocked, you will be able to slice, dice and stylishly take down your enemies with this katana. To unlock, you will have to complete a few challenges which you can find under the Katana Kill challenges. Like most other operator skills, you will be able to add katana to any loadout and use it between matches.

COD Mobile - Katana Kill Challenge

How to Unlock Katana in COD Mobile

To unlock this operator skill, you will have to complete 10 tasks in COD Mobile. These tasks range from playing matches in different modes, to killing a specific number of enemies using a different operator skill, to just logging in daily for 5 days. Other than the main katana skill, you also get to unlock three other rewards. More on that later!

We have listed down all the tasks you need to complete before you can start using the katana skill in your matches:

1Play 10 Frontline matches10 points
2Occupy point 10 times in Hardpoint matches8 points
3Play 8 Domination matches8 points
4Play 10 MP matches with friends12 points
5Place first or MVP in 4 MP matches8 points
6Play 30 Team Death Match matches10 points
7Kill 5 enemies with Operator skills in MP matches10 points
8Play 3 Gulag Gunfight matches8 points
9Cumulative login for 5 days20 points
10Kill 5 enemies with DR-H in any mode12 points

Note: You need 90 points to unlock the Katana operator skill.

COD Mobile - Katana Kill Challenge

Just like the Purifier H20, the Katana operator skill will not be available for purchase from the store later. So you have till 7th August to unlock and claim this reward.

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To announce the launch, the official YouTube channel for COD Mobile released a video showing how the katana operator skill can be used in matches:

YouTube video

Katana Kill Rewards

As we mentioned earlier, there are several more rewards to unlock with the Katana Kill challenge. All of these rewards can be unlocked till the 7th of August.

When you set out to complete the Katana operator skill challenge, you will be able to unlock the following rewards:

Spray – Crash30 points
Sticky Grenade – Sight Unseen40 points
MW11 – Sight Unseen60 points
Katana90 points
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