How to Use WhatsApp Web with WhatsApp Android App

WhatsApp has finally launched a web version of their mobile client. The new WhatsApp Web app only works with Chrome for now and is compatible with Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone — apparently, no love for iOS initially. We love the new WhatsApp Web as it uses Google’s Material Design guidelines and beautifully implemented them for the web. The desktop version is not entirely a complete web app, in a way, that you still need to have WhatsApp on your phone and then link your phone with Chrome.

This is all very easy to set up. How? We have shown the process in detail below after the jump with screenshots. If you’re someone who uses WhatsApp a lot for sending messages from your phone, this is one thing you will really love. Let’s move on to setting up WhatsApp for Android for WhatsApp Web.


How to Use WhatsApp Web with Updated WhatsApp Android App

Follow these easy steps to connect your WhatsApp Android app with WhatsApp Web:

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1. Download the new or update your existing WhatsApp to the latest version. [Download WhatsApp APK]

2. Open on your Chrome browser.

3. You will see a similar screen in your Chrome as shown in the image above.

4. Now on your phone in WhatsApp, click on the menu button at the top right.


5. Next, tap WhatsApp Web.

6. You will be then prompted to scan the QR code that you can see in your Chrome browser.


7. Point your phone camera to the QR code, and done!

The page on your Chrome will load with all your WhatsApp conversations, groups and messages!


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