Download Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy A71 with Gcam Mod Features

The latest Google Camera for Galaxy A71 is now available for download. You can now install and use the GCam Mod (Google Camera port) on the new Samsung Galaxy A71. This is the new Samsung mid-range phone that comes with upgraded and better specs than the previous Galaxy A51. It was recently announced and features mid-to-high specifications. Samsung cameras have always been great, but you can make it even better with an unofficial port of the Google Camera app from the Google Pixel phones.

GCam Mod for the Samsung Galaxy A71 is a free alternative to the stock Samsung One UI camera app on the phone. There are plenty of third-party camera apps available on the Google Play Store, but nothing beats the photo quality and HDR feature of the Google Camera for Galaxy A71. This phone features the Snapdragon 730 processor, 6GB RAM, plenty of internal storage and one of the cameras is a 64 megapixels sensor. Still if you feel the camera is not up to the par, download and install this Google Camera (Gcam Mod) port.

Download Google Camera for Galaxy a71

Google Camera for Galaxy A71 – GCam Port:

Google Pixel phones have the best camera on a smartphone. And for the most part, it is because of the Google Camera app on these phones. This app uses computational photography and machine-learning to process pictures taken with it. This same algorithms and processing power can be brought to the Samsung Galaxy A71 with this Gcam port.

There are 4 cameras at the back of this phone. The main sensor is the Samsung Bright S5KGW1 (64 megapixels) with a 12 megapixels ultrawide camera, a 5 megapixels macro camera and a 5 megapixels portrait camera. You can easily record video higher than the standard 1080p video resolution. And like with all Samsung phones, it comes with plenty of software features as part of One UI.

This Gcam mod comes with all the features of Google Camera, like the HDR+, Astrophotography mode, Night Sight, Top Shot etc. It also comes with some added features like 60 FPS video recording and support for Google Playground AR. Once installed, you will be able to download Playground stickers from the Google Play Store. Just a few days back, we covered a similar Google Camera port for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. On a related note, we also have Gcam Mod for the Samsung Galaxy A70.

Download Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy A71

Here is the Google Camera APK that you can download and use on the Samsung Galaxy A71. As mentioned above, almost all features work great with this build and you should have no problems using it with One UI 2.0. If you come across something that is broken and not working, let us know in the comments.

After you download it, install it like any other APK. If you are installing this APK file for the very first time, you will have to allow “Install from Unknown Sources” option in Settings. You can read here for instructions on how to install an APK manually on your phone.

For more devices, check out our collection of Google Camera APKs.

Google recently released the Google Camera 7.3 app for all Pixel phones. Based on this version, Gcam Mod 7.3 was also released that you can download now and check on the Samsung Galaxy A71.

Download Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy A71 with Gcam Mod Features 1
Google Camera for Galaxy A71

Recommended Settings for Google Camera:

Once you install the Google Camera app (PMGC_7.0.009_FinalRelesedVersion_V10.apk) on the Samsung Galaxy A71, you should be able to capture great pictures. However, there are still a few settings we recommend changing in the app for the best possible performance.

  • From the Google Camera app, go to Settings.
  • Check the option to enable video stabilization
  • Also check the option to enable HDR+ Enhanced mode
  • Then go to Advanced
  • Enable the following: Google Photos, RAW + JPEG control, Face retouching, Focus tracking

You should be able to enjoy the Google Camera app on the Samsung Galaxy A71 phone. If we think there is a much better version out there that supports more features, we will update this post.

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