How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Update Error

Ahead is a detailed tutorial showing how to address and fix Galaxy Note 8 update error. Samsung is all set to replace its Note flagship next month with yet another iteration but that doesn’t relate to end of software support for the current Note 8. Rather, last year’s Note smartphone will continue to see multiple software updates arrive for it for at-least another year. Unfortunately, Galaxy Note 8 is susceptible to a very annoying error which pops up when the phone tries to update itself through OTA(Over-the-air) update service. Read ahead to find out how exactly you can fix this.

While trying to install stock software updates that arrive directly on the phone, users often experience a failure: “Software Update Failed“. This error comes up when the update in question has been downloaded and yet is facing issues proceeding towards installation. This can really get irritating when the updates incorporates some major changes and you are anxious to apply them on your Note 8. So, this guide will help you to fix this error and install the new update on your Galaxy Note 8 without any kind of trouble.

Fix Galaxy Note 8 Update Error, Samsung

Users can easily settle the Software Update Failed issue with the steps listed ahead. There are a couple of techniques to tackle this irritating issue. Start by trying the first method and then moving ahead if it doesn’t work.

How To Fix Galaxy Note 8 Update Error

You can fix this issue by wiping the cache partition of your Note 8 or you can use Samsung’s Smart Switch.

Solution 1: Fix Note 8 Update Failed Error By Wiping Cache Partition

Step 1 – Turn off your Galaxy Note 8 and then press and hold Volume Up + Bixby + Power button to turn it on in recovery mode

Galaxy Note 8 Recovery Mode

Step 2 – When you have entered the recovery mode, use the volume keys to navigate through the menu and select Wipe cache partition

Step 3 – Now, use the power button to make the selection. Select Yes option to continue the process

Step 4 – Reboot your phone once you have cleared the cache partition.

Step 5 – Update your Galaxy Note 8 via OTA, the update fail error will not show

Solution 2: Fix Software Update Failed using Samsung Smart Switch

Step 1 – Download the Samsung Smart Switch from the link below

Download: Smart Switch (Download for Windows / Mac)

Step 2 – Now connect your phone with your computer. Unlock your phone and allow whatever it asks.

Step 3 – Create backup of your phone using the Samsung Smart Switch. Once back up is made, go to More > Emergency Sofware Recovery and Initialization.

Step 4 – All you have to do is to follow the instructions on your screen and update your phone using the Smart Switch.

Now you won’t have any software update fail error on your Galaxy Note 8. If you have any question regarding this, just drop a comment below

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  1. What if i dont create backup ? Am i going to lose my data? Because software update through mobile OTA wont harm data in mobile. So my question is if i update through smart switch my data would be lost?

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