How to Find and Restore Purchased Apps

Through this guide, you can find and restore purchased apps from Google Play Store to your Android device. For a single Google account, all the purchases made through it can easily be installed across all devices in which that very same account is signed in. Unfortunately, the Google Play Store app itself is a bit vague on how to restore your paid apps. Either you need to search for the app you require to install on a new smartphone or browse through a long list of apps within your account’s App Library which includes free apps as well. To address this, there is a very clever app called Purchased Apps which basically lists down all paid apps that you have bought and lets you restore them to any device.

Ahead, we have explained complete steps on how to utilize the app to get your paid applications back. On top of letting you view all your paid apps, it also displays the price of each one along with a total of what you have spent on Play Store up till now. The user interface of the app itself is quite straight-forward and it is light on storage as well. Once you have restored the apps you require, you can uninstall the original Purchased Apps app and that would not effect any other installations.

Restore Purchased Apps on Android devices

How to Find and Restore Purchased Apps:

Here is a step-by-step instructional guide on how to get all your purchased apps installed on any Android device.

Step 1 – Make sure you are logged in with the correct Google account that you want to restore a paid app from. If you have multiple paid apps on multiple accounts, you can have all of them logged in and the app would let you switch between them.

Step 2 – Head on to Play Store and install Purchased Apps.

How to Find and Restore Purchased Apps 2

Step 3 – Open the app and select the account you want to restore a paid app from.

How to Find and Restore Purchased Apps 3

Step 4 – There would be a pop-up asking for permission to your Android Play Store data, accept it.

How to Find and Restore Purchased Apps 4

Step 5 – Now, you should be able to view a detailed list of all of your paid apps. Tap on the one you want to restore and you would be taken to its Play Store listing. The app supports detailed filter and sorting options which you can view by tapping the buttons placed at the top right.

How to Find and Restore Purchased Apps 5

That’s it! All your paid apps can now easily be restored. Ran into problems? Reach us through the comment section below.

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