Download Xiaomi Mi 6 MIUI v9.2.3 ROM with Android 8.0 Oreo

Xiaomi Mi 6 is now receiving the latest Android 8.0 Oreo update as the MIUI v9.2.3 Global Stable ROM. This was just announced today on the Mi Forums after a few days of testing among the Mi Beta Testers community. Like always, this will look and feel like a minor update on the front side of MIUI 9, but under-the-hood, it will include all new Android 8.0 APIs and features that are suppose to be a part of this update.

This latest ROM is MIUI V9.2.3.0.OCAMIEK, released for the Xiaomi Mi 6 (Sagit) phone. This update should be rolling out to users globally over the next few days. But if you do not want to wait any longer, the Xiaomi Mi team have posted the manual download and installation links on the official forums. MIUI v9.2.3 update is based on the Android 8.0 Oreo.

MIUI v9.2.3 Global Stable ROM – Details:

Download MIUI v9.2.3 - Android 8.0 Oreo ROM

MIUI users should go to the Updater app to check for the new update and download MIUI v9.2.3 on your phone. If you are upgrading from Chinese Stable ROM, please note, all your data will have to wiped clean. So in either case, backup all your data before proceeding.

Here are some ROM details you may want to know before installation:

Device: Mi 6

Device Codename: Sagit

MIUI Version: V9.2.3.0.OCAMIEK

MIUI Type: Global Stable ROM


MIUI v9.2.3 ROM – Changelog:

Among the main highlight as Android 8.0 Oreo, this update comes with a long list of changes and updates. There have been many minor bug fixes throughout the ROM. Here is the official changelog via Mi Forums:


  • Optimization – Android 8.0 update (02-12)
  • Optimization – Protection from unintentional tapping for Dial pad (02-12)


  • Optimization – Android 8.0 update (02-12)
  • Fix – Apps changed Wi-Fi connection status without the user’s permission (02-12)
  • Fix – Apps stopped working in the background (02-12)
  • Fix – WhatsApp force closed in Split screen (02-12)


  • Fix – DTMF issues after pausing VoLTE video calls (02-12)

App Lock

  • New – Added the App lock step before unlocking using a new fingerprint for the first time (02-12)


  • New – Improved layout and readability for search results in Contacts (02-12)
  • Optimization – Protection from unintentional tapping for Dial pad (02-12)
  • Fix – Contact search didn’t work properly for Russian and Ukranian (02-12)


  • Fix – OTP messages were grouped with notification SMS (02-12)
  • Fix – Time in Messaging didn’t change when the system was switched to 12-hour format (02-12)
  • Fix – Messages with one-time passwords disappeared (02-12)
  • Delete – Adjustments for Messaging: service and promo SMS, scheduled SMS, and group messages. (02-12)
  • Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
  • Optimization – Vibration for notifications during calls (02-12)
  • Optimization – Notification shade response (02-12)
  • Fix – Brightness bar wasn’t displayed in its position (02-12)
  • Fix – A white bar appeared in the Notification shade (02-12)
  • Fix – Lock screen wallpaper wasn’t shown in some cases (02-12)
  • Fix – Notification shade issues (02-12)
  • Fix – The search bar in the Notification shade wasn’t displayed correctly (02-12)
  • Fix – Wallpaper Carousel couldn’t load online resources (a Play Store update was required) (02-12)

Home screen

  • New – Animated icons for selected apps in the default theme (02-12)
  • Optimization – RAM info isn’t shown in Recents by default. Go to Settings > Home screen & Recents to turn it on. (02-12)
  • Optimization – Animation for clearing cache (02-12)
  • Optimization – Adjusted the button for clearing memory in Recents (02-12)
  • Optimization – Swipe response (02-12)
  • Optimization – Folders open faster (02-12)
  • Optimization – Users can set their main Home screen in the editing mode (02-12)
  • Optimization – New animation for launching and closing apps (02-12)
  • Fix – Couldn’t close Recents in some cases (02-12)
  • Fix – Issues with icon size for Clock, Calendar, and Weather (02-12)
  • Fix – Home screen icons weren’t displayed properly (02-12)


  • Optimization – Redesigned home page (02-12)
  • Optimization – Updated Peach blossom and Asphalt themes (02-1)

Download MIUI v9.2.3 Global Stable ROM

Here are the download links that you can use to download and install this ROM on your phone. If this is your first time, you may be confused on which link to download from.

MIUI ROMs are available as both, Fastboot ROMs and Recovery ROMs. If you are familiar with Fastboot Mode and are comfortable using the Mi Flash Tool, then go for the Fastboot ROM. Or else, download the Recovery ROM and copy/paste it in the internal storage of your Xiaomi Mi 6.

Fastboot ROM: Download MIUI v9.2.3 Fastboot ROM (Size: 1946 MB)

Recovery ROM: Download MIUI v9.2.3 Recovery ROM (Size: 1442 MB)

Based on the huge ROM size, which is about 2 GB, it is recommended to download and install over WiFi.

How to install MIUI v9.2.3? We have an entire tutorial on how to install MIUI 9 ROM on Xiaomi Mi 6.

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