Download Google Play Store 15.1.24 APK with Bottom Navigation Bar

Google is constantly working to improve its design and makes it a responsibility of providing a clean user interface for better user experience. Evidently, the new Google Play Store 1.5.24 is a big renovation with a new interface that now has a bottom navigation bar and new design elements which feature more rounded edges and much more. The latest UI for Google Play Store arrives with the latest update which changes the app version to 15.1.24 and if the update isn’t available, below we have provided the APK to download the latest Google Play Store for you.

Google Play Store’s latest design consists of a bottom navigation bar which provides access to Games, Apps, Movies & TV, and Books and those who used to search for music won’t be able to, as the Music tab has been removed. To access such features, you now need to drag out the navigation drawer from the left side. Further, app detail pages have been totally renovated. The download bar is replaced with a circular progress bar around the icon (logo) which turns green when download starts and advances with the download.

Google Play Store 15.1.24 APK, Download

New Google Play Store Redesign

Google wanted to perfect the design for it most used Play Store and they came up with a clean user interface. As mentioned above, there is a bottom navigation bar, “My apps & games” section has been renovated with new button designs, App detail page has been tweaked with a new design as well which includes replacing the download bar with a circular bar around the icon which advances with download progress. Below are some screenshots which the latest user interface

Following changes have arrived within the UI of Google Play Store

  • Homepage
    • Navigation Bottom Bar
    • New Tabs & Round Edges for apps preview
  • My apps & games renovated with new buttons and tabs
  • App detail page
    • Circular Progress bar around the icon which advances with download progress along with new buttons
    • App detail above the Install button

Download Google Play Store 15.1.24 APK

The latest Google Play Store is either update automatically or can be updated through “My apps & games” in Google Play Store. We have provided the APK below for the latest Google Play Store if you wish to download Google Play Store manually. After installing the APK clear the cache of Google Play Store by navigating to Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Store -> Storage -> Clear cache. Either you won’t be able to access the latest UI of Google Play Store.

If this is your first time install an APK, read: How to Manually Install Android APK on any Android Device.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve downloaded the latest version of Google Play Store and what do you think about the design?


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