How to Schedule Emails with Gmail App for Android

There is a clever feature built directly within the Gmail app that lets you draft emails and then schedule them to be sent at a later time. To utilize this Schedule Emails functionality, we have drafted a complete step by step guide right ahead. Just like how you schedule a post to be published on a social platform or even an SMS, Gmail app allows you to schedule emails directly. For scheduling, you can select any later time as well as date.

Over the last few years, all Google apps have been improved drastically. Specifically for Gmail, it now carries various new features. Before these major updates, users could only postpone sending emails with Gmail through third-party tools. Now, it has been integrated into the stock app. In addition, the operation of Smart Compose (“Smart Input”), a machine-learning-based system that analyzes the text and prompts the user to complete sentences for him, has been improved. Now this function adapts to the writing style, remembers calls to specific people and comes up with headings based on the content.

Send Scheduled Emails, Gmail Android App

Schedule Emails on Gmail App for Android

This feature is available on all of the Android devices. If you can’t see the function, head to Google Play Store to update!

Here are all the steps:

Step 1 – Launch the Gmail app on your Android device

Step 2 – Tap on the Plus Sign which can be found on the bottom right of the screen

Step 3 – Now enter the detail of the email (i.e From, To, Subject and Message Body.)

Step 4 – Next to the send button, you can see the three dot menu. Tap on it and select ‘Schedule Send’

How to Schedule Emails with Gmail App for Android 1

Step 5 – You can use the pre-defined date and time or you can use your own time and date.

How to Schedule Emails with Gmail App for Android 2

Step 6 – Once you have select the ‘Schedule send’ option, your email will be sent on your desired date.

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