Best Child Monitor Apps for Internet Usage on Android

Children growing up in this era of technology have access to a lot of content, and to monitor your child’s internet usage better, here are some apps that you can try out. In the vastness of Google Play store, and indeed of the Internet, there is a large variety of content present, all of which is not intended for children. To prevent access, you can monitor your child via these apps on an Android phone or even tablet. In addition, you can even track the location of the smartphone and record a bunch of parameters.

Being a parent, children not only bring a lot of happiness, but also need immense responsibility during their growing age. The most important thing is the information oversight in the network era. Total blackout from the internet is not an ideal thing to do, however, you can monitor your child and setup blockades to ensure a worthwhile experience. We recommend that you give these free child monitor apps a try to provide a better internet experience for your children!

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From the list of applications below, try each of them one by one and choose which suits you the best:

Top Child Monitor Apps on Android

Here is a detailed list of apps that you can install to better supervise your children and monitor them on Android:

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Best Child Monitor Apps for Internet Usage on Android 1

The MMGuardian app allows you to have control over the Internet access, messaging, use of the apps and contacts. First, you have to download the parent version of the app and register an account then download the child version on your kid’s phone. Once you have downloaded both application, you can enable all features of MMGuardian. A big plus is the location of the phone on a map which includes the whole schedule of where phone has been. You can also block the phone in specific times.

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Best Child Monitor Apps for Internet Usage on Android 2

Along with great third party apps on PlayStore, Google have developed their own application to surveillance your child. You have to download the both parent and the child version of the application just like MMGuardian. It allows you to locate your child on the map and it keeps the track of web activities on your child’s phone.

All Tracker Family

Best Child Monitor Apps for Internet Usage on Android 3

All Tracker Family is one of the best for surveillance of your kids. This app allows you to surveillance your child through audio along with the internet activity. The only problem is that you have to pay additional fee to unlock the audio feature but it is worth it.


Best Child Monitor Apps for Internet Usage on Android 4

KidsControl gives a less scary approach of tracking your child. Instead of using audio surveillance it just locate the where your kid is. In addition, you can check the phone’s battery. You can also mark dangerous area which will send you the notification when your kid is near it.

This was our list of all the best apps to monitor your child’s Android device. Do tell us your experience with these in the comments section below. Further, stay tuned for more info and tips on Android!

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