How to Remove MIUI Ads from Xiaomi Phones

Learn how to remove MIUI system ads from Xiaomi devices. MIUI is a project of Xiaomi, it is their proprietary Android skin that goes on top of stock Android OS. Technology giant’s forces from China, coupled with active support of fan-developers and enthusiasts community, are constantly updating and improving MIUI as a whole. Currently, about 100 smartphones are capable of carrying a particular version of MIUI, the list of them is regularly expanding.

If you don’t know, Xiaomi holds 9.7% of the global share of the smartphone market. Despite that, Xiaomi has decided to push ads on the user interface of the MIUI. Most Xiaomi smartphones running MIUI have this issue and if you own a modern Xiaomi device, you would be facing the same annoying ad problems. You don’t have to worry about that because we have decided to write a guide that will help remove MIUI ads from your device.

Remove MIUI Ads, Xiaomi

How to Remove System Ads in MIUI – Xiaomi Phones:

There products from Amazon which shows ads within but those can be removed by paying for it’s premium version for a little high price but that is not the case with MIUI but there is away that you can minimize the chance of the ads popping on the UI.

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Disable MSA App

The MSA mean MIUI System Ads. Most your ad problem will be resolved by just disabling it:

Step 1 – Open the setting of your Xiaomi Phone.

Step 2 – Select the Additional Setting option and go to Authorization and Revocation.

Step 3 – Find the msa and turn it off with toggle.

Turn Off Personal Ads Recommendation

Personal Ads Recommendation follow your activities and habits then show the ads that will attract you. It will not disable the ads but MIUI will not be able to track your activities:

Step 1 – Open the setting of your Xiaomi Phone.

Step 2 – Select the Additional Setting option and go to Privacy

Step 3 – Now disable the Personalized ad recommendations with toggle.

Ads In Mi Security

You can also disable the ads in Mi Security:

Step 1 – Launch the Mi Security app and locate cog icon on the top-right corner then tap on it.

Step 2 – Turn off recommendation then go back to the app’s settings.

Step 3 – Select the Cleaner and toggle off the recommendations.

Turn Off Mi Browser Apps

Step 1 – Open the Mi Browser and go to it’s settings

Step 2 – Select Advance then go to Top Site Orders

Step 3 – Turn of Recommendations

Disable Ads in Mi Video

Step 1 – Launch the Mi Video app

Step 2 – Go to the Account and select Settings

Step 3 – Toggle of the recommendation and push notification

Disable Ads in Mi Music App

Step 1 – Open the Mi Music and go to settings.

Step 2 – Find the Advance Settings options and tap on it

Step 3 – Turn of the recommendations

Disable Ads in Mi File Manager

Step 1 – Open the app like normal and go the settings

Step 2 – Select About option then turn of the recommendation

Disable Ads in Folders

Step 1 – Select the folder for which you want to disable the ads

Step 2 – Now open the folder to change it’s name

Step 3 – A Promoted apps will show up, turn it off

Disable Ads in Downloads

Step 1 – First, open the downloads app then go to it’s settings

Step 2 – Now toggle off the Show Recommended Content option

Turn Off Ads in MIUI Themes

Step 1 – Open the MIUI Themes application

Step 2 – Go to Account option then select settings

Step 3 – Turn of the recommendation option

Phew! Well, those were a lot of ads to get rid of. Hope this guide helped in sorting out the problem. Drop a comment and tell us if there is anything we might have missed.

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