How to Broadcast Live Gaming from YouTube for Android

With this detailed guide, learn how to broadcast live gaming sessions from your Android phone directly to YouTube. Mobile gaming enthusiasts who have an Android device can stream the screen of their mobile device directly from the YouTube app without using other hardware. It is thus possible to simply stream gaming sessions from a smartphone or tablet. In this guide, let’s see how to broadcast a gaming session on YouTube Live.

This guide is dedicated to mobile games, it will not apply to PC games or any other hardware that is not an Android device. There are two prerequisites required to be able to broadcast the screen of your mobile device on YouTube: you must have the appropriate account for live streaming and have an Android 6.0 or later revisions running on your mobile device.

Broadcast Live Gaming, YouTube Android

Stream Live Gaming on YouTube Android

Follow the below guide properly to broadcast your game live on YouTube:

How to Broadcast Live Gaming from YouTube for Android 1

Step 1 – Simply open the YouTube app and selecting the capture button (camera icon), then selecting ‘Transmit from Live”. At the top right of the screen, then touch the phone icon to stream the phone screen. You can create a title, then select a privacy setting and the game title.

Step 2 – Following the procedure above select ‘Next’ to set the thumbnail and screen orientation. The default thumbnail is based on the title of the game you have chosen but can be modified by selecting the Edit icon in the other part to the right of the thumbnail. (The orientation for recording is selectable between ‘horizontal’ or ‘vertical’ – this option cannot be changed after starting recording.)

Step 3 – The next step is to tap ‘Next’ to finish the configuration. At this point a toolbar appears at the top of the screen , allowing you to control the streaming transmission. 

Step 4 – Now, you can tap the ‘Transmit From Live’ button to start: you will see a countdown of 3 seconds before the transmission starts, then the transmission will start and you will see for the next 3 seconds the notification “You are transmitting from alive “on the screen.

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During the live broadcast of a game on YouTube you can tap the picture-in-picture display of the front camera to show the toolbar. This is useful during live streaming to pause the streaming broadcast, turn off the microphone or front camera, change the size of the picture in picture display of the camera, open the live chat, stop the live streaming broadcast.

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