Best Weather Apps to Install on Android

Stay up to date about the weather with best Weather Apps available on Google Play Store for 2019. The best weather apps available on Android are appreciated for their reliability and intuitive yet practical design. Being able to see accurate real-time weather information in the day along with consistent forecasts has become an almost daily necessity. Sorted for their functionality, accuracy and design, here are the best Weather apps on Android.

Through our smartphones, timely information can be attained. Through these weather apps, users can catch up on accurate current weather along with future predictions. Further, apart from temperature, details such as humidity, wind speed, hydrometry and more can be had through these apps. Apps listed ahead are also free which makes them even better!

Best Weather Apps, Android

There are loads of Android weather apps but the ones listed are reliable, have great design and have been tested by loads of users across the globe. Further, all of these apps are listed on Play Store so no need to download and install them manually.


Best Weather Apps to Install on Android 1

One of the oldest weather applications, but also one of the most complete. It is a true meteorological base that stands out for its high precision. It gives you access to a multitude of information spread over its widgets.Its exclusive MinuteCast feature gives you the precipitation estimate for the next two hours, minute by minute depending on your location. The AccuWeather app has hundreds of millions of users worldwide and is translated into more than 100 languages.

The Weather Channel

Best Weather Apps to Install on Android 2

This is the application of the eponymous TV channel. The weather channel is another weather app among the most popular in France. Appreciated for its very accurate 15-day forecasts. A recent redesign of the design makes the interface clearer.Access the various information: minimum and maximum temperatures, wind, precipitation, etc., not to mention the pollen map for allergic people. And finally, the application also integrates the latest videos in the chain.

Yahoo Weather

Best Weather Apps to Install on Android 3

Yahoo Weather offers one of the most beautiful interfaces in the range of weather applications, if not the most beautiful. It has many widgets that can be customized according to the preferences of the user. You have the option to display hourly trends of the day, but also forecasts to 5 or 10 days. Several weather information is accessible, minimum and maximum temperatures, visibility, humidity, atmospheric pressure, precipitation forecasts, or the UV index. Not to mention the display of satellite maps that display, for example, cloud masses, wind speed and temperatures.


Best Weather Apps to Install on Android 4

Here the focus is on the aesthetics of the application and especially these widgets that fit very well on any desktop and with any launcher. The application is really very ergonomic . It moves easily and we do not get lost to get the information we want. Little more than this application, an educational side that will explain the weather terms that we do not always understand. In addition it also offers some explanatory videos.

We have listed different options so you can choose the you like the best and going with any one of them is equally good. We missed something? Reach us through the comments!

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