Best Gaming Accessories for Android Phones in 2020

In search for the best gaming accessories to perfect your approach for mobile gaming? We have shortlisted some of the best accessories in this article that you should consider investing in. From Candy Crush to Pokémon Go, there are countless games that – more or less ephemeral – manage to impose themselves as true social phenomena. Behind these headlines that are still recruiting more followers for mobile gaming, hides a practice that was, at a time, qualified as occasional. These days, “small” games are competed upon at a professional level. Evidently, finals of Clash Royale competitions bring together millions of spectators!

Mobile gaming is more than ever serious, and there is something for everyone, from the elitist management game adapted from the PC universe to the cutting-edge sports simulation and mobile-only arcade games. It is far from the time when it was summed up with a snake that had to be rolled up on itself. And to make the most of all these games, it’s not only necessary to have a powerful smartphone. Opting for accessories that will enhance your experience is important as well and within this guide, we have selected some of the best partner gaming accessories that you can buy right now.

Best Gaming Accessories, Android

Lets go through all of the accessories for your gaming smartphone:

1. External Battery: Choetech B617Q

Best Gaming Accessories for Android Phones in 2020 1

This is the first accessory we recommend to any mobile player. While the autonomy of our smartphones is progressing, battery endurance remains one of the major problems for mobile video-gaming enthusiasts. To remedy this, Choetech’s smaller battery pack model is currently among the best, especially that it manages the QuickCharge 3.0 and can recharge between three and four times a high-end smartphone.

2. Portable Controller: 8bitdo NES30 Pro

Best Gaming Accessories for Android Phones in 2020 2

In many games, being able to rely on physical buttons and neglect touch controls can be a plus for both performance and comfort. One of the ideal joysticks is none other than this little pebble inspired by the famous NES Nintendo, complete and compatible with all mobile OS. This is a must.

3. The bluetooth headset: Parrot Zik 3

Best Gaming Accessories for Android Phones in 2020 3

The soundtrack is an integral part of the gaming experience on mobile, better to have a good mobile headset. The Zik 3 Parrot is one of the most “geek” on the market, with its many advanced technologies in the service of sound quality. Of course, it has the active noise reduction, ideal to isolate yourself in journey. 

4. Virtual reality headset: Homido GRAB

Best Gaming Accessories for Android Phones in 2020 4

There is no need to invest in a super-powered PC and an Oculus Rift to play virtual reality. Insert your Android smartphone from 4.5 to 5.7 inches in a Homido GRAB, download compatible games “Google Cardboard”, and you’re ready to taste a first experience of VR at lower cost.

5. Steelseries Stratus XL Joystick

Best Gaming Accessories for Android Phones in 2020 5

Those who are accustomed to traditional big consoles console consoles will be happy to find a similar grip with the Stratus XL for iOS. Double trigger, double analog stick and quality buttons make up this excellent pad that works with two AA batteries.

6. Royole Moon: Mobile Gaming Helmet

Best Gaming Accessories for Android Phones in 2020 6

Royole’s Moon helmet is a gem of multi-platform technology that simulates with two AMOLED 1080p tiles a curved screen of 20 meters diagonally. This premium headset is not a virtual reality headset, just a display device. Ultra comfortable and equipped with a high-end audio system noise reduction, it is the ultimate to immerse itself in its mobile games or video content.

These were all of the must-have gaming accessories for mobile gamers. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments section ahead.

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