Best Gaming Phones to Buy in 2019

Check out our list of best gaming phones available in 2019, that you can purchase right now. The war of specs continues to rage! Each year we see a recognizable gain in RAM and processors on all phones. While mainstream phones are more than capable of handling advanced and aesthetically successful games, specialty gaming phones offer additional features in addition to absolute performance. Gaming smartphones do not need to be specifically designed as such in reality, the market is different from the computer where each component is thought about separately.

The best phones on the market are generally the best for gaming with their high-end hardware, accurate screens and great autonomy. Quality console 3D games are now the norm on the phone, such as Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, and you will need a high quality device for the best gaming experience. The best gaming phones are not just good to play, they will maintain a visual quality and performance at the top for the next few years. See the phones below as the assurance of an exceptional experience until at least 2020. Below we have listed best gaming phones, in our experience, that are capable of running games smoothly.

Best Gaming Phones, Android

Best Android Gaming Phones – 2019:

Here is our list of the best phones for mobile gaming in 2019:

Razer Phone 2

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The Singaporean company, Razer, demonstrated its first gaming phone in 2017 and many did not believe in its successful debut. In practice, it turned out that the model proved to be excellent, increasing liquidity was important for most users, and they could not return to standard solutions.

The manufacturer, motivated by the explosive popularity of its product, released a second iteration, the Razer Phone 2 with a sixteen to nine aspect ratio. At first glance, it had a striking similarity with the previous phone. But the position of the front cameras slightly changed and covered the back panel with Gorilla Glass. The gadget got a good screen (5.7 ″) and the frequency of updating images up to 120hertz which is truly exemplary. The Snapdragon 845 Chipset (Qualcomm) supports eight gigabytes of RAM. There is a four thousand mAh battery, which provides usage for upto ten hours. The disadvantage, of course, is the lack of a headphone jack, but the USB-C adapter is included. The cost has been reduced to $399!

ROG Phone

Best Gaming Phones to Buy in 2019 2

This series of gaming smartphones from Asus is really designed for people who spend all their free time playing games. Aggressive and innovative exterior design, Snapdragon 845 processor and 8GB of RAM, 4000 mAh battery, six-inch display (frequency 90 Hz). Further, ROG Phone surprises with thoughtful solutions and accessories. The device has not one, but two charging sockets. The second connector, located on the side provides a comfortable gameplay, even when the battery runs out of energy. The device has a special option “X Mode”, it disables background programs, increasing the performance of this gaming smartphone.

The phone also has AirTrigger technology built-in just like console controllers. Mobile Desktop docking station will help you connect a monitor or TV to your smartphone to play comfortably on a large stage. It is priced closed to $900.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

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Samsung’s latest Note flagship isn’t dedicated to gaming but it sure does make for a great gaming phone. It has all the high-end internals, great design and most of all a stunning front display. Further, the phone also features extended cooling for its CPU which makes it perfect for long hours of gaming.

While there are two variants on offer, you can choose either one depending upon your screen size preference. The base model Note 10 comes with 8GB of RAM whilst the Note 10 Plus comes with 12GB, otherwise internals are mostly the same except for the battery as well. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is priced at $999 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus at $1099.

Sony Xperia XZ3

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Sony’s enterprise is well known to the players as it has been making dedicated gaming consoles for upwards of 25 years. As the brand makes phones as well, it is no surprise their recent flagship, Xperia XZ3 is great for gaming.

Starting from the display, it has very contrasting and bright display (6 ″, coefficient – 991 units). The heart of the equipment is the Snapdragon chip number 845, and 4 GB of RAM is enough today, but in the future it will most likely not be enough. A battery of three thousand three hundred milliamperes – hours will be charged several times a day when loading “heavy” applications. It retails upwards of $700.

Pocophone F1

Best Gaming Phones to Buy in 2019 5

Young users often cannot afford expensive mobile phones or the PlayStation 4 console. However, for that case, there is a great budget-friendly phone that can double up as a great gaming device. Exploring the information about the four above-mentioned gaming smartphones, readers will understand that only an advanced processor, a progressive operating system and a sufficient amount of RAM will ensure a normal workflow. Such a set of specifications is quite expensive.

Pocophone F1, is the best fit for this purpose. The model from China is estimated at three hundred and seventy dollars, it is much cheaper than other similar gaming smartphones. The phablet has a six-point and two-tenths screen, a good battery with a capacity of four thousand units and an efficient cooling system. You’ll have to put up with a plastic case and a scratch-sensitive visual panel. Unfortunately, there are no contactless payments (NFC) and wireless charging in the sample. In conclusion, I would like to note that gamers should pay close attention to the considered gaming smartphones. They will allow the younger generation to know the wonderful world of games and perform the necessary actions on the street, in a cafe, at home.

This is was our list of gaming phones that you can buy from the market in 2109. Tell us which phones you like to add to our list by dropping a comment below!

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