Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: New Features, Specs, Release Date and Availability

Finally, Galaxy Tab S4 has gotten a worthy successor and the Galaxy Tab S5e an older brother, in the form of new Galaxy Tab S6 which carries many new features inspired from Note 9. In the Android market, there are no longer many manufacturers that build powerful tablets. For the tablet market as a whole, it is mainly dominated by Apple’s iPad Pro series. Samsung is, together with Huawei, one of the remaining major manufacturers of tablets that oppose Apple’s superiority. The new Galaxy Tab S6 is Samsung’s spearhead in this segment and wants to capture customers with improved hardware and some features borrowed from the Galaxy Note 9.

Galaxy Tab S6 is a premium tablet that Samsung is focusing to sell in markets across the globe. It carries a lot from Galaxy Tab S5e. Further, there various new features such as S-Pen functionality, better display, improved performance and more. Read ahead to find out more about Galaxy Tab S6 from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Galaxy Tab S6: New Features

As the Galaxy Tab S6 is located on top of the S5e and will compete with Apple’s iPad Pro 10.5, South Korea’s top tablet will receive an S-Pen that will be paired using Bluetooth 5.0 LE. The touch pen can be used as a kind of remote control, just like the Galaxy Note 9. This remote function is certainly practical for presentations, but also for daily use as a remote play / pause control for multimedia content or even as a trigger Remote for cameras. Also practical: Samsung has now provided a place on the back of the Galaxy Tab S6 for the S-Pen, where it is not only magnetically maintained, but also charged wirelessly.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: New Features, Specs, Release Date and Availability 2

If the S-Pen runs out of power, the supercapacitor inside the touch pen will be ready for use in 10 minutes for 11 hours. This is the pure waiting time, not the shelf life. How long will this be, one would still have to find out in a detailed test.

Wide-Angle Camera

For the first time on a Samsung Tablet, there are two main cameras. While the normal camera records photos with 13 megapixels, the second camera takes photos with 5 megapixels with a field of view of 123 degrees. Therefore, those who like to go on a photographic safari with a tablet can now take wide-angle photos with the help of the second camera.

A tablet makes gaming easier, especially in games where a large field of vision is important. For players who like to talk and chat with their teammates at the same time, it is difficult to keep in touch with Android resources on board. Samsung has announced a partnership for the Galaxy Tab S6 with Discord , a communication application commonly used by players, and integrates Discord more deeply into the game launcher. Users of an S6 tab can stay in the game and continue chatting with your friends through Discord.

Price and Availability

If you find the Galaxy Tab S6 interesting, you can order it directly online at the Samsung store between August 15 and 29. The S6 is available in the three Mountain Gray, Cloud Blue and Rose Blush colors, each with 6/128 or 8/256 GB of memory. The latter will also shine with a modem suitable for LTE, which will be delivered from August 30, which is also the official sales start for which the tablet will be available in stores. The prices of Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S6 are 749 or 899 euros UVP.

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