How to Enable 90Hz on OnePlus 7 Pro for All Apps

With this guide you will be able to enable 90Hz refresh-rate on OnePlus 7 Pro’s display for all apps. OnePlus teased a lot before the conference and claimed that the updated screen is the biggest change of its new 7 Pro. Rightly so as the OnePlus 7 Pro ships with a high-refresh rate screen that can go up-to 90Hz. Unfortunately, to save battery, the brand selected to reserve this refresh rate only for certain apps. Other then these apps, the phone resorts to a lower frequency. However, to go around this, we have a complete guide that you can use to enable 90Hz refresh rate on your OnePlus 7 Pro.

Before OnePlus 7 Pro, high-refresh screens were present on smartphones focused on gaming. The benefit of these displays is, when in use, animations are actually more fluid and there is visible increase in responsiveness. The contribution will be less noticeable in games since they themselves must deliver 90 images per second to enjoy the slab. If you want your OnePlus 7 Pro display to always be at 90Hz refresh rate then follow the ahead mentioned steps.

Enable 90Hz Display, OnePlus 7 Pro

With this whole process you not get only one but three options: 90Hz, 60Hz and the new third option which is hidden and it will enable 90Hz constantly on OnePlus7 Pro.

Enable 90Hz on OnePlus 7 Pro on All Apps

Before we begin, here are few things that you must have for this guide to work.


Step 1 – Download and extract the platform-tools folder from above for your respective operating system.

Step – 2 Open the platform-tools folder and open a command prompt window or Terminal inside it. Linux and Mac users can do this by right-clicking inside the folder and selecting Open in Terminal. On Windows, type cmd in the address bar while the folder is open and hit Enter to launch a command prompt window inside the folder.

Step 3 – Connect your OnePlus 7 Pro to your PC with a USB cable.You should see a pop-up on your phone asking for USB debugging permissions if you have USB debugging enabled. If you don’t, enter the command below to force the pop-up.

adb devices

Step 4 – Allow USB debugging permission to your PC from the pop-up.

How to Enable 90Hz on OnePlus 7 Pro for All Apps 1

Step 5 – Next, copy and paste the following command in the Terminal or Command Prompt and hit enter.

adb shell settings put global oneplus_screen_refresh_rate 0

Step 6 – This will enable the hidden, true 90Hz display mode.

How to Enable 90Hz on OnePlus 7 Pro for All Apps 2

Once you have completed the step-by-step guide above you will be able to see two options in the settings which are 60Hz and 90Hz. This will be your choice which option you like the best. If you restart your phone, the display will be set to default.

After restart, if you want to re-enable it, you will have to plug in your device to your PC and implement this process again. In the comments ahead, let us know how much of a effect does running 90Hz constantly has on your phone’s battery.

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