Best Mobile Photography Accessories [2019 Collection]

Best Mobile Photography Accessories [2019 Collection] 1

You can find all the best, must-have mobile photography accessories through this guide. In just 10 years, phones have emerged as essential companions of our daily photography. While compact cameras have long held this function, our “smart” phones have seen the quality of their cameras go from fair to good. Therefore, the impact on our overall experience is particularly strong: the device you always have on you, the one you go out on any occasion is no longer a compact camera, but your phone. It is there, on, ready and connected. 

However, not all phones are equal in photography and for each price category, some will be better than others but to make picture better you can always get photography accessories that add to your phone photography experience. With increase in overall hardware quality of phone cameras, there has been a large flow of photography-based accessories that enrich the functions of our phones, sometimes turning them into a formidable tool for image and video capture.

Best Accessories, Mobile Photography

Given the promise of phone manufacturers (ever clearer pictures, video in 4K, a quality worthy of professionals), the desire to publish beautiful photos on social networks touches more and more people. Whether you’re looking to make videos for YouTube or simply to optimize the quality of your family photos, you’ll need a good basic phone, of course.

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Best Accessories for Mobile Photography – 2019

1 – Manfrotto BeFree Tripod

Best Mobile Photography Accessories [2019 Collection] 2

Do not have any stability support as is the case for example on Sony with the Steady Shot function, our film cameras must rely on a good old tripod in case of shooting at slow speed. You tell me there is a string at all prices, its true! I just love you for a compact, robust, and lightweight model designed to follow you whatever the terrain.

The Manfrotto Befree is a model with a length of 40 cm in storage position and 1m 40 inch deployment . It is to be used with at most a zoom not exceeding 200 / 300mm. It comes with a storage bag for your ballads and it has a 3-level spreading system to quickly ensure a perfect horizontal placement In the opinion of your servant it is a good party for who wishes to feel the long exposure in complete safety.

2 – Anker External Battery

Best Mobile Photography Accessories [2019 Collection] 3

Then you can turn to the external batteries if you are the type to do everything on your phone or if you like to go on a wireless weekend. Depending on the usage, pay attention to the size and the capacity: nothing is useful to have a battery powerful for tablet if you just want to be on to hold all the day by taking a lot of images. For example, the external battery Anker PowerCore + Mini 3350mAh is the size of a lipstick. If you are looking for another model, be careful to choose a battery with CE standards.

3 – Dji Osmo Mobile 2 Stabilizer

Best Mobile Photography Accessories [2019 Collection] 4

Take Cinema Quality Videos with your phone With Osmo Mobile 2 your phone becomes a smart camera, all your plans will look fluid, professional and ready to be shared. Shoot neatly-crafted videos, use subject tracking, capture awesome timelapses, or broadcast live on the internet. The Osmo Mobile 2 is very light only 485 grs and its autonomy is now 15 h. It is one of the best for mobile videography.

4 – Mobile Phone Cover

Best Mobile Photography Accessories [2019 Collection] 5

The first accessory that comes to mind is the shell, to protect our phones which, remember, are still very fragile and can easily end up on the ground, the cracked glass. Hard to recommend a shell or silicone protection for your phone, but remember to try the protection if possible before buying, to give you a glimpse of protection, especially the feeling in your pocket and hand. Nothing worse than buying protection to find you with a protected phone, but that no longer fits in your pocket.In addition to protecting your phone, this shell can also offer new possibilities : a support on the move, protection against shocks and weather for sports use, or a waterproof cover for divers.

5 – CamKix Wireless Camera Shutter Remote Control

Best Mobile Photography Accessories [2019 Collection] 6

Enjoy every group photo with the kwmobile Bluetooth Camera Shutter. The handy trigger gives you complete control over the timing of your photos – perfect for trips, souvenir videos, hikes, weddings, parties, concerts, landscape photography and more.

With all the excellent phones released over the past year, everyone has a camera in their pocket. What compromises do remain can be addressed with a lot of the gadgets mentioned here. While some of them are expensive, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a new compact camera, and the results you’ll get will be nearly as good.

Did we miss something? Tell us about your favorite in the comments section ahead!

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