Best Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases and Covers

Best Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases and Covers 1

past few years in smartphones have led us to believe that bigger is better: bigger displays, bigger batteries, and bigger price tags on these pocket computers we carry with us every day. Thankfully, in the case of the new Galaxy S10E, that’s no longer true. With the 10th anniversary Galaxy, Samsung is offering a smaller variant of its flagship phone that punches way above its weight.

There’s more to the S10E than just its size. But, for a lot of people, that may be the strongest reason to choose this model over the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10 Plus. If you’re intent on upgrading to one of the new Galaxy S10 models, the Galaxy S10E should be a strong contender. The phone looks stunning and to keep its sleek, luxury design it needs good care which can be had with a simple case. We have narrowed down some of the best cases of your Samsung Galaxy S10e

Best Galaxy S10e Cases, Covers

There are loads of cases already for all three Galaxy S10 models right now. We’re trying them out to recommend the best for your Samsung Galaxy S10e. You can try one the following cases for Galaxy S10e and keep it protected from bumps and scratches.

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S10e

In no order, read our picks of best Galaxy S10e cases:

Vintage Chestnut Brown Leather Case

Best Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases and Covers 2

Snakehive, one of our favourite brands, offers beautiful handcrafted, full grain nubuck leather cases at affordable prices. We’re happy to see that you can already get its cases for the Galaxy S10e. The Snakehive wallet case offers protection from day-to-day scratches and wear and closes with a magnetic fastener. It has space for up to three cards and a pocket to keep notes as well.

$34.99 – Listed on Snakehive

Tech21 Evo Check

Best Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases and Covers 3

A firm favourite at Tech Advisor whatever the phone, the Evo Check is consistently great. It makes the S10e a tad chunky but its clear design doesn’t show too many fingerprints and the bumper means you can lie the phone face down. Tech21 claims it gives the S10e 12ft drop protection but don’t test that out – either way with a choice of colours this is an excellent case.

$39.95 – Listed on Tech21

Olixar Carbon Fibre Case

Best Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases and Covers 4

Olixar’s enduringly good carbon fibre case for the S10 has a matte finish, great if you hate fingerprints on your phone. You can have colour as long as it’s black. The buttons are responsive and you’ve got access to all ports and cameras as expected. An affordable, function and slim protective case.

$16.99 – Listed on Mobilefun

Mous Clarity Case

Best Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases and Covers 5

Mous is another favourite brand of ours which provides high quality, rigorously tested phone cases. The Clarity is the newest style in its collection, the brand’s first and only clear case. Mous said it waited this long to offer a clear case because it wanted to design one that would not yellow over time or accumulate unsightly scratches.

$39.99 – Listed on Mous

Totallee Clear Case

Best Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases and Covers 6

Totallee prides itself on creating minimalist, ultra-thin, non-branded cases. It’s ideal for those who want to keep their S10 phone safe from scratches. It won’t offer rugged protection, but will keep scuffs at bay in a zero bulk case. Totallee cases take 2-4 days to ship within the US and to Canada. International shipping (i.e. to the UK) can take up to 15 days.

$29.99 – Listed on Amazon

Enjoyed this list? We have similar collections of our favourite Samsung Galaxy S10 cases and covers for other models as well. Check out the following guides:

These were some of the best cases we picked for your Samsung Galaxy S10e. Do you think we missed your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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