How to Hide Hole-Punch Camera on Samsung Galaxy S10

If you are not fan of the hole-punch front camera design then you have come to the right place as with this article you can learn how to hide the front camera cutout on Samsung Galaxy S10. Samsung’s latest flagship device, Galaxy S10, has been truly spectacular. It has been welcomed by many people as it provides an alternative to the notch. However, while the reception seems to be better than traditional notch cutout designs, some people are still not completely on board. For users who want to hide Galaxy S10 Hole Punch Camera, read right ahead.

Hole-punch camera is the front facing camera which is of different shape with respect to each Galaxy S10 model: circle or pill. As the front facing camera of Galaxy S10 is placed on the top right corner within this hole-punch, it is not only annoying but also distracting for some user. If you are willing to go back to a more traditional design by implementing a black bezel up top, we have just the solution for you. Fortunately enough, Samsung has added the option to hide hole-punch within the software so no need of extra software installation.

Hide Hole Punch Camera, Samsung Galaxy S10

The cutout is in the top-right corner of the display, and for some, it’s downright distracting. Thankfully, Samsung included an option to hide the hole-punch camera with a quick settings change and we have written a complete guide so that you don’t just get lost on vast setting menu looking for the exact option.

Hide Hole-Punch Camera on Samsung Galaxy S10

Step 1 – Open the “Settings” app on Galaxy S10

Step 2 – Now go to “Display”

Step 3 – Tap on “Full screen apps”

Step 4 – Now slide the switch towards “Hide front camera” to turn the option on.

How to Hide Hole-Punch Camera on Samsung Galaxy S10 2

Now you will see that Galaxy S10 will automatically adjust the camera by making the top section black. This will not effect functionality rather it would be as it was before. Drop a comment and tell us how’s your Samsung Galaxy S10 looking.

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