How to Install Xperia 10 Launcher On Sony Devices [No Root]

You can now install Xperia 10 Launcher on your Sony devices with this article. The new Sony Xperia 10 Launcher comes with a whole new user interface & some add-ons. Further, the launcher runs smoothly with a clean and minimal UI. Initially, Sony introduced this with the newly launched Xperia phone: Xperia 10 and 10 Plus but thanks to enthusiast developers, there is now a way to run this launcher on older Sony Xperia devices. Our procedure ahead would let you install Xperia 10 launcher without having to root.

This new Sony launcher is based on Android Pie 9.0, it supports the features like the new gesture navigation, app drawer, Google now cards and more. Thanks to sahaab, a senior member of XDA, who has modified the app to be installed on older Sony Android Pie phones, Xperia owners can give this launcher a try. If your phone is running on Pie, you can simply install the modified / ported launcher APK on your Android device. The launcher has quite a clean & robust UI and the APK is also small in size. Furthermore, it integrates Google now cards to access Google in swipe & navigation gestures sport. Follow the guide ahead to download and install Xperia 10 Launcher without root.

Install Xperia 10 Launcher - No Root, Sony Xperia

Previously we added files only for rooted phones only but as many users with phones still under warranty don’t want to root, here is a guide showing how to do it without it.

Sony have been updating their OS time to time with new skins and they a very close to the stock which means less strain on low end processors and this Launcher from Sony Xperia 10 has the same scent.

How to Install Xperia 10 Launcher On Sony Devices [No Root]

Follow the guide below to download and install the Xperia 10 Launcher on your non-rooted device.

Before we move on, make sure that your device is running on Android 9.0 Pie. Once confirmed, start following the steps that are provided.

Step 1 – Download the following two files:

Step 2 – Once downloaded, copy the files from your computer to smartphone. If you have downloaded directly to your smartphone then just open the download folder and install the files.

Step 3 – Now set the new Launcher as your default launcher. It will crash. On the crash screen do not force close. Just restart your smartphone.

Step 4 – Once your smartphone is rebooted. It will automatically set the Launcher on your smartphone.

You should now have new Sony Xperia 10 Launcher running on your smartphone — without rooting your device.

Xperia 10 Launcher Screenshots:

Do drop a comment below and tell us how is looking on your smartphone.

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  1. I followed the whole procedure carefully but its not to be set as default launcher, every time it shows force close after trying hundreds reeboots,
    I am on Android 9 using xperia xa2,
    Kindly let me know whats wrong? ?

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