Disable WhatsApp Media Auto Download to Save Storage Space

Using the following steps, disable WhatsApp Media auto-download on your Android device. WhatsApp has become insanely popular with smartphone users because it makes it completely free to send pictures, videos and text messages, and make calls – even abroad. But it does have its downfalls, and key among them is the fact it automatically downloads photos and other media, hitting your data allowance hard and clogging up your storage. WhatsApp is used by over a 1.2 billion people worldwide, and 200 million in India alone. In fact, it is probably one of the first few apps users download when they get a new smartphone thanks to its versatility and popularity.

However, as we previously mentioned, the app can become an annoyance at times when it downloads all the media files automatically, from pictures to videos to, more recently, GIFs, not to mention audio files and videos. These not only clutter your phone’s gallery and music player, but also eat up a lot of storage and data. Especially in groups where there are hundreds of people, sometimes you come across media which you wouldn’t like to be downloaded on your phone. Such posts are good for nothing instead they just lessen space in your device. Here’s how you can stop WhatsApp from automatically saving photos and audio on your phone.

Disable WhatsApp Media Auto Download

WhatsApp automatically downloads photos and other media to your phone, which is a pain for both data usage and storage. We have provided a complete guide that will disable the auto download from your WhatsApp.

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Option 1: Disable WhatsApp Media Auto-Download for Individual / Spam Groups

Follow the guide below to stop the WhatsApp auto media download from Group Chats:

Step 1 – Click on 3 dots menu (ant menu) shown on the right top corner in the group.

Step 2 – Click on the first option i.e. Group Info

Disable WhatsApp Media Auto Download to Save Storage Space 1

Step 3 – Three options are shown below the group name i.e. mute notifications, custom notification, Media visibility. Select Media visibility.

Step 4 – Once you’ve selected the option a pop-up will appear with few options, select No.

Disable WhatsApp Media Auto Download to Save Storage Space 2

Now the media will not be saved automatically on your phone but, rather it will give you an option to download along with a blurred preview. This will make it is easy to save your mobile’s memory.

Once downloaded, the content will then be synced with your backup account.

Option 2: Disable Auto-Download for All Chats

You can also follow the steps below to disable auto-download from all the WhatsApp chats, including groups:

Step 1 – First open WhatsApp than go to it’s settings by tapping on three dot menu.

Step 2 – Once you’ve entered the setting screen, select Data and Storage usage.

Disable WhatsApp Media Auto Download to Save Storage Space 3

Step 3 – Under auto-download heading, you can select what you want to download while using mobile data and Wi-Fi. Tap on each option to open a popup where you select the check box to specify what you want to download or just uncheck all the option to disable auto download.

You have now learned to disable auto-download on you WhatsApp. Drop a comment if you’re having problems.

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