How to Hide Developer Options on Android

Learn how to hide developer options on Android devices with this helpful tutorial. There’s a secret menu hidden in the Android Settings called “Developer Options” that provides access to additional, advanced preferences. As the name implies, these tools are mostly meant for developers, but there are some things average users might also like, such as turning off animations to speed up your device, faking your GPS location, or turning on USB debugging so you can back up app data on your phone with or without rooting or unlocking it. We have a guide already on how to enable developer options but here is how to hide them after enabling.

Android got most of its fame after the public realized it’s built in such a way that it accommodates both developers and common users. Even before it was acquired by Google, Android shipped with a dedicated SDK that contained a plethora of tool-kits specifically designed to help developers in their creation quest. ADB and Fastboot are just two examples of in-house tools that Android modders around the world couldn’t live without.

Hide Developer Options

To prevent regular users from messing with settings that can alter the phone’s functionality, the Developer Options tab is hidden by default but if you have turned it on and want to disable it, then we have provided a complete guide from which you can hide developer options again.

How to Hide Developer Option On Android Devices

Follow the guide below to hide developer option from your Android phone:

Step 1 – Go to your Android device’s Settings menu

Step 2 – Scroll down to the Apps menu section (Apps & notifications in stock Android)

Step 3 – Tap into the App info menu and locate the Settings application

Step 4 – Select the Storage option then tap on Clear Data. This will remove the Developer options and might reset some of your preferences within the Settings menu.

You have now learned to hide the developer options from your Android device. If you have any question, then just drop a comment below.

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