How to Change Google Assistant’s Voice – Male / Female Options Available

Users can now change Google Assistant’s voice by choosing between different options. The newly added ability to change standard Assistant voice has just recently been added to the app and with this article you can learn how to actually utilize it and change the voice of your Google Assistant. That’s right, the developers of Google’s incredibly powerful digital assistant have now included the ability to change the voice used with Assistant. Say, for example, you’d rather have a different female voice speak back to you, or you’d rather have a male voice. At the moment there are 8 voices to choose from (with rumor being that eventually Google will add John Legend’s voice into the mix as well). Each voice is quite different from the other, so if you like change you can always mix it up on a daily basis.

This isn’t exactly new. In October, 2017, Google added a male voice on top of the standard female one. Even with the addition, there were only two voices to choose from. That will probably expand even more in the future. Google is employing a new technology, called Wavenet, which makes it easier to simulate an entire vocabulary with significantly less time spent in the recording studio. But how do you change the Google Assistant voice? Let me show you.

Change Google Assistant's Voice

Depending upon the version of Assistant included in your Android device, you may not have all of the new voices. You should, however, at least have the choice between female and male voices. Either way, changing the voice is handled with the same steps.

How to Change Google Assistant’s Voice – Male or Female

There are two methods with which you can change the voice of Google Assistant. You can use any of the following methods:

Method 1: Change Google Assistant Voice with Voice Command

Step 1 – Open the Google Assistant on your Android smartphone.

Step 2 – Once the assistant is open, say “Change Voice” and it will show you options in the bottom of the screen.

Step 3 – From the options, select Voice settings which will show you different voices.

Step 4 – The voices are shown in different colours. Select any colour to change the voice.


Method 2: Change Google Assistant’s Voice through Settings

Step 1 – Open Google App from the app drawer and go to settings

Step 2 – Now go to Google Assistant Settings > Preferences > Assistant Voice and change any colour to change voice.

This is a good feature to change the change the voice of your Google Assistant. You can also change it every day for different mood. Drop a comment below to share your thoughts about this feature.

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  1. When I ask Goodgle to change voice, she sais “for now, I only have one voice”.
    I had it once, but since then I have added another language and then I lost it. The problem is I don’t know where I changed the language. I don’t know why there are so many places to change the language. You’d think it would be in one place.

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