How to Share IGTV Videos to Instagram Stories

This is an instructional tutorial on how to share IGTV videos to your stories on Instagram. The app allows users to share their favorite IGTV videos to their own personal stories. Instagram IGTV is a standalone app that was introduced back in June and later was integrated into the main app. Recently, Instagram has introduced a new feature that will now allow you to share IGTV videos to your stories. Instagram keeps on launching new features to accommodate its user base and improve the overall experience. Due to this more people have shifted towards the social media platform in very less time.

Previously, we covered the new Nametag feature. Instagram Nametag feature works by showing your username on your phone in a format that allows it to be scanned by people. Building upon this and also to better promote IGTV, the app will now allow users to easily share complete IGTV videos on their stories channel. Of-course, this will be similar to the story sharing feature already present and with each share, proper credit will be given to the original uploader.

Share IGTV Videos to Stories, Instagram

This new feature allows users to share a preview of any IGTV video in their stories. It is quite similar to Repost Stories feature. However, this feature allows adding the link of IGTV videos on business accounts right now which takes users to watch the full IGTV videos.

Share Your Personal Favourite IGTVs To Stories In Instagram

If you dont know how to share IGTVs then follow the step by step guide below:

Step 1 – Launch the IGTV app from the app drawer

Step 2 – Now Tap on video you want to add.

Step 3 – Then tap paper plane and it will open an option of Add video to your story.


Step 4 – Once you have selected this option, your friends will be able to view the full video.

This is the easiest guide you will ever get. Drop a comment below if you are still having some problems.

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