How to Change Wallpapers Automatically on Android Devices

Here are steps that allow to setup automatic changing wallpapers on your Android device. Wallpapers are a great way to express oneself. Generally, users either stick with a static image or go with a live wallpaper.  However, there is another option, you can setup your device to rotate between a set of wallpapers such as you see on Windows. The wallpapers of your Android device could be anything from your own photographs to family pictures, scenic landscapes, your pet images, some quotes and more. Whatever it might be, when you change the wallpaper quite often, it makes your experience even more worthwhile.

Instead of settling for just one wallpaper, you should try out a myriad of wallpaper options that could set your mood right every day. However, if the idea of changing wallpapers each day is troubling you, then you need not worry anymore. There are various innovative methods to change Android wallpaper automatically on your device. There are many applications on Google Play Store through which you can enable automatically rotating wallpapers. Right ahead, we have listed the best options for having automatically changing wallpapers on your device.

Change Wallpapers Automatically

There are some very interesting wallpaper options and apps in the Google Play Store. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll find one that you never get tired of. Instead of settling for one wallpaper choice, why not check out Automatic Wallpaper Changing app for Android that will change the wallpaper on a schedule or after some time.

How to Change Wallpapers Automatically on Android Phones

Check out the following applications that will allow you to change your wallpapers on Android phones automatically.

Wallpaper Changer

An app that offers various options when it comes to changing your wallpaper is Wallpaper Changer which is one of the best wallpaper app on Google Play Store. It’s an app with a simple but nice design. When you launch the app you have three tabs to choose from: Change, Album, and Settings.

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Another app which is very popular on Play Store also brings a great way of changing through different wallpapers on your Android device is through the IFTTT “If This Then That” which is always a great app to relay on. It connects apps and services using triggers that lead to actions — and one of the supported actions is switching the background on a connected Android device.

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Microsoft Launcher

The Microsoft Launcher app on Android offers a number of customization options to set a wallpaper on your phone’s home screen. You can set a wallpaper that will remain every day. You can rotate a collection of photos, and it even includes an option to use those stunning images featured in Bing’s homepage every day.

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Wallpapers By Google

Wallpapers by Google is a decent app for wallpapers. It has a small, but decent selection of wallpapers. The app has other features as well, including separate lock screen and home screen wallpapers, an auto-set function for new wallpapers every day, and more.

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We hope that you liked the collection of the apps that will automatically change the wallpapers of your Android smartphone. Drop a comment below and share your experience with us.

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