How to Increase Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Battery Life

Follow these helpful tips to increase overall battery life of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The Galaxy Note 8 remains to be quite a competent device with some substantial specifications. However, the smartphone is let down mainly by its smaller battery capacity. Fortunately, with these guidelines, you can easily increase the overall endurance of your Note 8. As smartphones become more and more powerful and offer the user more media features such as video playback, streaming TV, high-speed Internet and cutting edge games, it seems that the time between battery charges gets shorter. Smartphone batteries have never been very long-lasting, so it has become somewhat second nature for users to look for ways to squeeze a little more juice out of each charge. Below we have gathered few methods which you can utilize to increase your Galaxy Note 8 battery life.

The real goal for Galaxy Note 8’s battery life is to last throughout a use-heavy day and hopefully, with these procedures you can obtain that. As Samsung recovered from a big battery problem on the Note 7, it played it safe with the Galaxy Note 8 and fitted it with a smaller battery. There is no doubt that the Note 8 chasis could have sustained a larger module as evident in the new Galaxy Note 9. Nonetheless, not all hope is lost, you can still manage to increase Galaxy Note 8 battery life by following few simple steps.

Samsug Galaxy Note 8

When compared to Galaxy S8+, Note 8 has a smaller battery capacity — 3,300mAh — but you can make it last longer by making sure that you are not wasting any precious battery unnecessarily. Keep reading ahead if you want to increase the battery life of your Galaxy Note 8.

How to Increase Galaxy Note 8 Battery Life

In reality, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 can barely pull a 12-hour shift on a single charge. Apart from the huge juice-guzzling display, a chunk of it can be blamed on Samsung’s trademark Always on Display or the Quad HD+ screen resolution. Use the following tips to increase the battery life of your Galaxy Note 8.


  • Lower the Screen Resolution
  • Use S Pen Power Saver
  • Use Accidental Touch Feature

Lower the Screen Resolution

The Note8 bundles in a Super AMOLED display in three different screen resolutions — HD+, FHD+, Quad HD+. While the default resolution of FHD+ renders a stunning display, there’s no denying the fact that switching over to the Quad HD+ mode packs in an extra punch while watching videos and movies.

How to Increase Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Battery Life 1

Use S Pen Power Saver

The Note 8’s S Pen has many gimmicks. For one, the phone vibrates when you remove the stylus, alerts you when you forget to put the stylus back or plays a sound when you use it to write on the screen.

How to Increase Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Battery Life 2

Needless to say, the above settings make the experience awesome. But at the end of the day, the red mark on the battery percentage doesn’t really help. Hence, if you can do away with one of these two settings, the better it’ll be for the battery life.

Use Accidental Touch Feature

Block accidental touches is a feature that should be kept enabled at all times. This handy feature prevents the screen from turning on when your Note8 is kept in dark places like trouser pockets or bags.

How to Increase Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Battery Life 3

This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled from the display settings. Speaking of display, the screen time-out should also be adjusted and kept to the minimum.

By using all of these tips the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will give to more than 16 hours of battery life which is good enough. If you have any questions just drop a comment below and we will be happy to answer.

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