How to Remap Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen Button

Here is a clever guide that will let you modify and remap your Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen. The Galaxy Note 9 has arrived with a bang and with a brand new S-Pen. The S-Pen stylus can still do all of the note-taking, transcribing, and scribbling that you could want across a wide range of apps, but now it has a whole new suite of functions too. This promotes the S-Pen to a surprisingly useful tool for an active Note 9 user, which is why we’re taking a look at everything it can do now — and why you may want to keep it close at hand. The S-Pen first appeared in 2011 on the original Galaxy Note. That initial stylus was primitive in comparison to subsequent models. Thankfully, you can now easily remap the button placed on the S-Pen to do a set of functions, find ahead how.

Samsung has completely redesigned the S-Pen for Galaxy Note 9, and while writing and drawing continue to be important applications for Samsung, the new S Pen does far more. You can also remap the Galaxy S Pen with this tutorial. Latest version of stylus can act as a remote control for PowerPoint presentations or slideshows, whether directly on the phone or with the Galaxy Note 9 running DeX and connected by a dongle to an external monitor with HDMI. The dongle will be sold separately as an accessory. The phone can also be connected to an external monitor with a multi-port adapter.

Remap Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen Button

You can customize the latest Note 9 S Pen in a number of ways. The S Pen is intelligent and also requires charging. When plugged in the Galaxy Note 9, after just 80 seconds of charging, it will work for about one hour. There are many application that are compatible with new Galaxy S Pen. Lets take a look at the compatible apps:

  • Camera
  • Gallery
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Voice Recording
  • Chrome web browser

Remap Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen Button

Step 1 – Open the settings page of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and select Advanced Features.

Step 2 – Now go to S Pen > S Pen Remote. In the S Pen remote page, you will find “Hold Down Pen Button To” which is set to launch camera by default. You can select any application that are compatible with the S Pen.

How to Remap Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen Button 1

Step 4 – Here you will be able to see the all of the functions that S Pen can perform. Select your desired function by tapping on it and check it with S Pen.

That all! It was easy wasn’t it. Tell us your experience about S Pen by dropping a comment below.

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