How to Enable YouTube’s “Take a Break” Reminders

With this guide, we will show how to enable one of YouTube app’s most useful feature, Take a Break reminders. YouTube is one of the largest sources of entertainment and educational videos in the world, and it’s perilously easy to get sucked in and forget to take a break. With over 60 hours of video content uploaded to the site every single minute of every single day, it’s literally impossible for one person to watch it all. That’s where Youtube’s take a break feature comes into play. If you have ever fallen victim to the deep world of top ten videos, meme compilations, and all the other wonderful, terrible stuff YouTube has to offer, then take a break feature might be just what you’re looking for. In this guide you will learn how to enable this new feature.

YouTube’s take a break reminder is a feature which is designed to help people control their viewing habits. Due to the way the YouTube app is set up, with recommended videos and an auto-play feature that is on by default, it’s extremely easy to open the app to watch a single video and end up watching a whole lot more. When this feature is enabled, the YouTube app pops up a gentle reminder at a specified time interval. For instance, if you set a 30 minute interval, it will pop up after you have watched 30 minutes worth of video content. The video is paused as soon as the reminder appears, so there’s no need to worry about missing anything.

Enable Take a Break Reminder - YouTube Android App

This feature works whether you watch a lot of short videos or one long video. So if you watch six five minute videos, and your interval is set to 30 minutes, the take a break reminder will appear when the seventh video starts. The same reminder will also pop up 30 minutes after you start an hour long video.

Enable YouTube’s Take a Break Reminders

Enabling this feature is not that difficult. Just follow the steps given below to enable it.

Step 1 – First, launch the YouTube app from the app drawer and tap on your profile picture then select settings option.

How to Enable YouTube’s "Take a Break" Reminders 1

Step 2 – Now, you will see a lot of options in which you will have to choose the General option. Among the different options find Remind me to take a break option.

Step 3 – By default the toggle button is turned off. You have to turn the toggle to the right so the Remind me to take a break can be enabled.

Step 4 – After choosing the reminder frequency between 15 minutes and 3 hours, you can continue your YouTube show as usual.

How to Enable YouTube’s "Take a Break" Reminders 2

Now you have finally learned to enable YouTube’s Take A Break Reminders . Drop a comment below if you have questions and we will be happy to help you.

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