How to Disable System Ads on Xiaomi Phones with MIUI 9 / 10

Here is how you can disable system app ads on Xiaomi smartphones. The Internet is ever progressive and always looks at improving things to make our lives easier, same is the case with Android smartphones. Xiaomi is one of the leading Chinese smartphone manufacturers that provides competitive specs in a smartphone at a relatively cheaper price point. Also, Xiaomi developed itself initially as a software brand and later on progressed into hardware. However, one recent software decision from them has seen much criticism from users which is allowing ads to run in system apps. Thankfully, with the guide ahead, you can work around that and disable system app ads.

Ads are annoying when you are playing a game then instantly, an ad pops up. How much worse can it get than ads on your smartphone’s built-in system apps. Well, there is a way to disable these annoying ads from the system apps on Xiaomi devices. There are many methods to remove these ads but those methods require root access and as few don’t want to root, we have provided a method that does not require any root access. You can disable system apps on Xiaomi phones with this guide.

How to Disable System App Ads, Xiaomi

Ads are always annoying when you are working. There is a trick which can disable the ads in system applications of Xiaomi android smartphones. Keep reading ahead to disable the ads from your Xiaomi device’s system applications.

Disable System App Ads on Xiaomi Phones

To disable these annoying ads, follow the step-by-step guide below:

Step 1 – Open the settings application of your Xiaomi smartphone from the app drawer or by sliding the notification bar.

Step 2 – Under System & Device page, find the Additional settings by scrolling down.

Step 3 – Now select Authorization & revocation in additional settings page and tap on MSA (MIUI System Ads) option.

Step 4 – Once you tap on MSA select Remove option from the popup which will Disable the system app ads from your Xiaomi phones.

You have now disabled the system ads from Xiaomi device. Drop a comment if you have any questions.

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