How to Fix “SD Card Not Detected” Error on Android Devices

Having issues accessing your external card storage? With this guide, we will address how users can fix SD card not detected error. SD cards are the best alternative for Android users to get more space. In any case, once in a while you confront a circumstance like a smartphone not readily identifying SD card. This is a typical issue and unfortunately, quite many users come across this problem. Gladly, we have compiled some quick steps you can execute to fix SD card not detected error on your Android device.

When a device refuses to an SD card, there quite a lot of shortcomings. If you had your camera setup to automatically save to the card, now it will shift to precious internal storage. While your SD card remains unused, the internal memory continues to get less and less. Installing a microSD card is one of the best ways to solve the ‘insufficient storage’ problem on Android, and make sure that you have enough room for all your media and other files. However, even with the ability to do so, many users are troubled by the issue of SD card not detected in their mobile phones. Read ahead for a complete solutions procedure.

How to Fix "SD Card Not Detected" Error on Android Devices 1

In case you are having the same problem and thinking of changing the SD card, it best for you to go through the methods that can resolve these issues. So we have written some methods which can solve your problem.

How to Fix SD Card not detected on Android Phones

Follow the different guides below one by one and check which method suits you the best. If the first one doesn’t work for you, try the second method.

Erase SD Card with All Data:

Erasing the data is always hard for some but you can always copy the data in your computer before erasing the data from your SD Card.

Step 1 – First open the settings of your Android phone. Now go to Device Management of your phone

Step 2 – Select Storage and Tap on 3 dots which can be located on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3 – On Pop-Up menu, tap on storage settings and select Format to erase all the data.

Use PC to Diagnose SD Card Error:

You need to have Windows 10 to run a diagnose on your SD Card as it already has default tools installed in them

Step 1 – Connect your SD Card with your PC with Card Reader.

Step 2 – Now Launch Windows Explorer and right click on SD Card drive.

Step 3 – Select Properties>Tools>Error Checking and wait for Windows to run the diagnostics and fix all the errors.

Step 4 – Now remove the SD from the computer and insert it back in your Android device.

You have finally learned to fix “SD Card not detected” the issue on your Android device. Drop a comment if you are still having issues.

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