Install Camera Bokeh Effect APK on Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

Right ahead, download Camera Bokeh APK to install Bokeh effect on Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium. Despite a stagnant Xperia market, Sony is still continuing development of its Xperia Android smartphones. Having one of the most underrated smartphone cameras available on the market, XZ2 Premium’s camera experience just got even better with the new August 2018 software update. Through this new firmware, Sony has introduced two new camera effects, Bokeh and Monochrome. We will be looking at how you can have Bokeh APK and hence, Bokeh effect installed on your Sony XZ2 Premium.

Sony has recently starting rolling out the new August update for Xperia XZ2 Premium and soon it will be arriving for all regions. The major change is obviously the two new camera effects. Now, if your device hasn’t yet received the update, you can use our detailed guide ahead to manually install Bokeh effect on your XZ2 Premium. Fortunately enough, the procedure of installation is as simple as installing an APK file. For complete instructions on how to have Bokeh effect on your XZ2 Premium, read ahead.

Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium Bokeh Effect

The new August update has a build number 51.1.A.12.27 which carries new Monochrome and Bokeh effect that can be used in both videos and photos. You will find these new modes by launching the camera app and pressing the function key just below the shutter button. If you haven’t received this new update yet, you can download the Bokeh effect APK from this guide.

Download Bokeh Effect APK

You can download the Bokeh Effect APK for XZ2 Premium from the link below. The installation process is same as installing other APK files. Need instructions? Read: How to Install APK files on Android.

Download: bokeh.apk

Install Camera Bokeh Effect APK on Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium 1

How to use use Bokeh Effect on XZ2 Premium

After you install the APK, read ahead and follow steps to use Bokeh effect on XZ2 Premium:

Step 1 – While using the camera application, tap on the Dual Circle button that can be found left of the shutter button which will open the effects tab. Select Bokeh effect from the given options.

Step 2 – When using the bokeh effect, tap on the Dial icon for adjusting the strength of background de-focus then tap on the circular icon which is representing the aperture. Drag the slider to adjust.

Step 3 – To adjust the brightness, from the same dials menu click the Brightness icon. Drag the slider to adjust.

Step 4 – Press the camera key or tap the shutter button to take a photo.

Note: The Bokeh mode is only available within Superior Auto Camera Mode

Now you have finally installed the Bokeh mode on your Sony XZ2 Premium. Drop a comment below tell us your thoughts about the new update.

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