How to Fix: “Unfortunately Facebook has Stopped” Error

Here are specific instructions on how to tackle Unfortunately Facebook has Stopped error message on Android devices. “Unfortunately your application has stopped working” is one of the most annoying and irritating notification an Android user can face and regrettably, this problem affects a large number of users. Being a little specific, most used social media app, Facebook, is often known to throw this exact error. Fortunately, however, with the instructions ahead we will be taking you through how to solve it. There are multiple variables that can cause this notification but hopefully, the tips ahead will address them all.

For the untrained user, this error is quite vague and doesn’t really indicate what actually went wrong. All it does is, cause endless frustration. Don’t worry, with the solutions ahead, you will have it solved quite quickly. As discussed previously, the error can have multiple reasons behind it so to address them all, we will be providing multiple solutions. Keep reading ahead to solve this annoying issue on your Android device.

Facebook has stopped

To solve this issue, we have written a complete step-by-step guide below so you wont get stuck during the procedure. Facebook is a free application on Google Play Store but not free from problems. There are many solutions for “Unfortunately Facebook has stopped” error.

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Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped on Android

Here’s how you can fix the problem on your Android devices.

Solution 1 – Check if your Facebook app is up-to-date. There may be a known bug or another issue that could be causing that error message to show up. Always keep your app updated by downloading the latest release from the Google Play Store.

Solution 2 – Internet connection. Is your Internet even working properly? May be your WiFi just went down? A quick check would be to open in a browser to see if that is even working. In such cases where your Internet is down, Facebook shows this very same error message when it couldn’t load your stories.

Solution 3 – Switch to mobile network – 2G, 3G or 4G. You can switch your mobile network and see if that would work with Facebook. You never know this could fix your “Facebook has stopped” error.

Solution 4 – Restart app. Another solution could be to just restart your app once. May be that could fix it? Open the multi-tasking menu, and swipe off the Facebook app. Then open the app again to see if that fixes the problem. Or go to Settings > Applications, and look for the Facebook app. Click on the Force Stop button.

Solution 5 – Clear cache and data. Go to Settings > Applications, and look for the Facebook app. Then clear the app cache and also “Clear data”. This will log you out of the app and clean any saved data into your phone. You can log in again and see if you can now browse through the app without having to see that “Facebook has stopped” error again and again.

Solution 6 – Restart phone. Well, this could also fix the issue if you have already checked your Internet connection and there is nothing wrong with your Facebook app.

Solution 7 – Re-install the app. This can be done as a last resort. Again go to Settings > Applications, and look for the Facebook app. Then tap the ‘Uninstall’ button to remove the app from your phone. Next, go to the Google Play Store and download the app again. Login with your details and see if the problem persists.`1

You can also fix this issue by doing a complete factory reset of your phone or wipe the whole cache of your phone through recovery mode. You now resolved this issue from your phone. If you still have this problem, just drop a comment below.

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