Download Pixel Launcher 3.6 APK – Carries Notch Support [No Root]

Here is how to download Pixel Launcher 3.6 APK and install it on non-Pixel Android devices — all without root. Equipped on Google-made smartphones, Pixel Launcher is an exclusive launcher which provides a clean interface for the home screen. The design elements for it are inspired by Material Design standards and follow official icon set. Fortunately enough, thanks to amirzaidi, this launcher app can easily be installed on any device. The launcher ahead isn’t just a normal port but rather Pixel Launcher 3.6 carries its own features otherwise not available on stock iteration.

There are two immediate things that standout with Pixel Launcher 3.6 port. First being the fact that this modification doesn’t require root. Users can easily implement this launcher similar to ones present on Play Store. The second important thing relates to the technical working, Pixel Launcher 3.6 doesn’t simply carry over what’s available on a Pixel device rather it takes its own path and adds features on top. Even if you have a Pixel device, do give this launcher a shot for more control and customization options.

Download Pixel Launcher 3.6 APK

Changelog, Pixel Launcher 3.6 APK – Features and Details

Building on top of previous iterationsamirzaidi has focused on bug-fixes mostly while adding couple of useful features such as control over which theme to choose — Light / Dark — rather than automatically setting it based on wallpaper.

You can view the complete change-log right here:

  • Delay workspace loading after a failed shortcut drag by half a second. This fixes a bug where the app drawer would stay half open when very briefly holding a shortcut.
  • Add open source licenses preference in about settings category
  • Strip empty left page after a settings invoked reload that removes At A Glance
  • Import translations for all theme options
  • Never scroll the home screen when app drawer is visible. This fixes a bug where the top left and top right corner could be used to scroll between pages.
  • Clean up build.gradle, re-enable AAPT2 and update all dependencies
  • Avoid crash when widget previews have no defined size
  • Check the correct build version in WallpaperManagerCompat to remove logcat spam
  • Bring back long press arrow for search functionality. This can be used to easily unhide apps.
  • Reset scroll position when dragging up the app drawer. Fixes a bug where the app drawer was already scrolled if you held the background when closing.
  • Reduce drawer opening stutters by only querying enough intents to fill predictions
  • Change shortcut icon fallback to match the L3GO widgets icon
  • Allow for statically typed drawable name in the round icon attribute. Fixes some crashes and is able to load more round icons on Lollipop/Marshmallow/Nougat.
  • Improve proguard optimization rules by only optimizing constructors. Should slightly improve the performance, but is probably not noticable.
  • Add Cylinder adaptive icon shape to the available icon shape options on Oreo
  • Update Greek and Portuguese translations of Squircle
  • Disable new app drawer Google Search style on Nougat because of layout bugs
  • Disable white circle around icons on Go build
  • Disallow interacting with a widget that is being resized
  • Check both normalized and non-normalized search input for app search. Should fix the problem where some languages could not find any apps using the search
  • function anymore.
  • Automatically hide the Google Search style app drawer search bar when the Google App is disabled
  • Add max_aspect tag for transparent navigation bar on OEM ROMs. Fixes the black navigation bar on LG phones.

How to Install Pixel Launcher 3.6 APK

Step 1 – Download Pixel Launcher 3.6 APK from the links below. There are two iterations, if you are running Android Go, download respectively.


Step 2 – Locate the APK you just downloaded and open it to install it.

Step 3 – If you are installing an APK directly for the very first time, you would be notified to enable “Unknown Source” setting. If not sure about this, read our dedicated guide: Enable “Unknown Sources” Option in Android.

Download Pixel Launcher 3.6 APK - Carries Notch Support [No Root] 4

Step 4 – After enabling, the app should install.

Download Pixel Launcher 3.6 APK - Carries Notch Support [No Root] 5

Step 5 – Once it is installed, press the home button. Android should now ask for which launcher to use. Select “Launcher3”. Once selected, you would now be able use the new Pixel Launcher 3.0 on your device.

Download Pixel Launcher 3.6 APK - Carries Notch Support [No Root] 6

That’s it! You can now set the Pixel Launcher 3.6 as the launcher of choice on your phone or tablet. If you own a smartphone with Notch cut-out, this launcher will work perfectly.

If these instructions / guide was not clear enough or you are stuck somewhere, you can read our complete guide on how to install APK files on your Android device.

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