Android Studio 3.2 Beta 2 Released – Supports App Bundles and Emulator Snapshots

Developers and enthusiasts can now download and install latest Android Studio 3.2 Beta 2 on their computers with this article. Google has recently released a major version upgrade to its Android IDE. The latest Android Studio 3.2, still in beta stage, comes with improvements across the board. The highlights include App Bundle support and Emulator Snapshots. Right ahead, we have linked the technical change-log specific to this release along with the complete download link.

App Bundles is a major new feature integrated into Android Studio. What it does is, allows developers to upload their code along with all the related resources and assets to Play Store in a new format, leaving the compilation to Google. This allows for better optimization and delivery targeted towards each different device. Further, there are a number of bug fixes as well. Lastly, it is to be mentioned, this release is in Beta stage, you can install it manually alongside your existing stable build.

Download Android Studio 3.2 Beta 2

What’s New in Android Studio 3.2 Beta 2:

Right below is a list of elements and features that have been added in the Android Studio 3.2 release.

  • Develop
    • Navigation Editor
    • AndroidX Refactoring
    • Sample Data
    • Material Design Update
    • Android Slices
    • CMakeList editing
    • What’s New Assistant
    • New Lint Checks
    • IntelliJ Platform Update
  • Build
    • Android App Bundle
    • D8 Desugaring
    • R8 Optimizer
  • Test
    • Android Emulator Snapshots
    • Screen Record in Android Emulator
    • Virtual Scene Android Emulator Camera
    • ADB Connection Assistant
  • Optimize
    • Energy Profiler
    • System Trace
    • Profiler Sessions
    • Automatic CPU Recording
    • JNI Reference Tracking

If you are migrating from Beta 1, here is a list of bug fixes that have occured in Beta 2.

  • Resource configurations set with resConfigs were ignored when building an Android App Bundle.
  • Resource processing was incorrect in some cases when the minimum SDK target was specified to be the preview version.
  • Overrides set using the variant API were ignored when the version name and version code were published for dynamic feature modules for Android App Bundles.
  • D8 failed to read some ZIP files with special characters.
  • kotlin-stdlib-jre* artifacts are now deprecated, so kotlin-stdlib-jdk* are used instead.
  • Lint checks failed when an invalid issue ID was used in the XML lint configuration file.
  • Lint checks incorrectly reported some resources as unused if they were referenced through enum constructors.
  • It was impossible to disbale the Auto verify option for a deep link in the Navigation Editor.
  • Using the Rerun failed tests command in the Run window sometimes incorrectly returned the message “No tests were found”.
  • A conflict between the Android Gradle Plugin and kapt caused errors with data binding.

Download Android Studio 3.2 Beta 2

If you want, you can completely change your current installation to run Android Studio 3.2 Beta 2 by going to the tool’s Preferences and changing the Update Channel. We don’t recommend this, rather use the ahead given link to download complete package which you can extract and run without changing your stable version.


This was a detailed look into the new Android Studio 3.2 Beta 2 release. Do let us know which features you find most useful in the comments ahead.

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