How to Get Always On Display on Any Android Phone Without Root

Ever wished to get Always on Display feature running on your phone just as seen on Samsung and other OLED devices? Follow the instructions to execute just that. Always on Display is a great feature to have on your smartphone. When this feature is enabled, the screen will keep showing the clock and user-chosen information on the display even when the device’s screen is turned off. Previously, this AOD feature was implemented through root but here we have collected few methods which you can use without needing to root or voiding your device’s warranty.

Ahead we will take you through complete steps on how to enable Always on Display on any Android device without rooting keeping your warranty intact. In recent times, smartphones have majorly used two screen technologies, one relates to LED panels while the other to normal LCD ones. Both of these display types have received utilities which help to run Always on Display.

Always on Display

Always on Display feature was first featured on AMOLED screens to show of its capabilities which relate to turning off individual pixels, otherwise impossible on LCD panels. However, the feature itself was found so useful that it eventually made way to all smartphones but at expense of reduced battery times.

Get Always on Display on any Android device without root

These applications will add “Always on Display” to your Android phones. Further, the applications ahead have more customization options than the functionality built into Samsung phones.

Always On AMOLED (For AMOLED screen only)

Download Always on AMOLED app from Google Play Store from the link below

Download: Always On AMOLED

Custom AOD for Simple LED Screens

Download Custom AOD app from Google Play Store from the link below

Download: Custom AOD

Once you install these apps, you will have configurable Always on Display option on your Android smartphone. These applications will provide the same feature as seen on Samsung smartphones. Drop a comment if you have any questions.

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