How to Enable Call Recording on OnePlus 6

Here is where you can learn how to enable call recording feature on your OnePlus 6. OnePlus is a brand that respects the enthusiast user class and also, listens closely to what each customer has to say. Now recognized world wide, the Android smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus has surely come a long way. In this step by step article, we will be providing you with details on how to enable call recording on your OnePlus 6. Once enabled, you will have the ability to store your calls directly onto your smartphone.

There may not ever come a time when you’d want to record a phone call but it is better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it. Scenarios in which you might actually need a recorded call could relate to a legal matter, or maybe you want to keep a call recorded to note down things discussed afterwards. But the point here is that if you have an Android smartphone, recording calls should be fairly easy, which unfortunately is not. To record a call, you have to install a third-party application. In case for OnePlus 6, you can just use the steps ahead to enable Call Recording functionality.

OnePlus 6: Enable Call Recording

If you are fully aware of OxygenOS, it has built-in call recording feature. In some regions, call recording is enabled and disabled in others. May be the cause of OnePlus disabling this feature might be due to the fact that call recording is not allowed in some parts of the world. But you don’t have to worry about it all as we have provided a complete guide on how to enable call recording in OnePlus 6.

How to Enable Call Recording on OnePlus 6

There are different methods that you can use to enable the call recording feature. It depends on weather your device is rooted or not.

On a Non-Rooted Device:

Step 1 – At first, make sure that you have ADB drivers installed on your computer. If you haven’t that use the given link to download and install the ADB drivers on your computer.

Download: ADB Drivers

Step 2 – Enable the USB debugging of your OnePlus 6 by going to settings > about phone > then tap on the build number 7 times to enable the usb debugging.

Step 3 – Go to the ADB Drivers directory and open command window from inside the folder: Hold down Shift Key + Right Click > Select ‘Open Command Window Here’.

Step 4 – Now connect your OnePlus 6 to your PC via original data cable.

Step 5 – To make sure ADB is working properly, run the “adb devices” command then use the following command to enable call recording feature on your OnePlus 6:

adb shell settings put global op_voice_recording_supported_by_mcc 1

Now you should be able to record calls straight from the Dialer / Phone app on your non-rooted OnePlus 6

On a Rooted Device:

Step 1 – Download the Magisk Call Recorder Module zip file from the link below:

Download: Magisk Call Recorder Module

Step 2 – Copy the downloaded zip file to your OnePlus 6 storage.

Step 3 – Open the Magisk Manager and find the downloaded file. Select the file to import the module.

Step 4 – Reboot your OnePlus 6 just to make sure of the installation.

For root users, this is quite easy to implement and if you haven’t yet rooted your smartphone, be sure to check out our full how to root OnePlus 6 guide.

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  1. First, non-rooted way of unblocking call recording is not working (few days later did). Also you had to start this process all over when you restart smartphone. Any ideas?

  2. this non-rooted change works, but gets disabled after a reboot. Do you know how to make it permanent?

  3. Great tutorial, can confirm the non-rooted option working fine. Here some helpful clarifications for less experienced Android tweakers:
    + You don’t need to install the heavy Android SDK studio (1gb), the fast boot option found here is sufficient and safe to run
    + If this is your first time using ADB features, you need to install your device drivers found here:
    + Run “Minimal ADB and fastboot” after installing the drivers, enable USB debugging mode found in your phone settings: system->developer->enable usb debugging
    + Run the code
    + CMD will not give confirmation but you will see call recording mode in the call settings

  4. Him
    great toturial.
    why after a few days ( 3-4 ) the call recorder automatically removed ?

    oneplus 6+
    oxygen 10.3.8

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