How to Get Android P Rotation Suggestion and Lockdown Feature on Any Android Device

Learn how to get upcoming Android P’s rotation suggestion and lockdown feature on any current Android smartphone or tablet. Just recently, Google officially published Android P Developer Preview 3 / Public Beta 2. If you don’t have a compliant device that you can run the beta builds on, use the guide ahead to test some of the popular features directly on your current smartphone or tablet. Android P has a lot of great new features that we think users would appreciate to have on their current Android OS as Android P is not yet available to the public. With this guide, we will show you how to achieve Android P Rotation Suggestion and Lockdown functionality, step by step.

As we already know that Android OS offers users a lot of unlock options built-in. However, with the upcoming revision, Google has tried to twist the lock feature. When the lockdown option is enabled on Android P, it disables any kind of bio-metric unlocking option, leaving just PIN and Pattern. Another highlight feature which you can test out is rotation suggestion which allows device screen to rotate 90 degrees even after Auto-Rotation is turned off. The great thing is that you can get these two feature on any Android device now with steps ahead.

Android P Rotation Suggestion

You can get both new lockdown and rotation suggestion feature on your current Android device or tablet. These are great features to have in your phone especially seeing how they will be integrated at system level in upcoming Android version. Fortunately, as Android OS is the most versatile mobile OS, mobile developers have created an app for each of these functions so you can use them directly.

Lockdown Mode For Any Android Device

A team of developers have  come up with an app that mimics lockdown mode in Android P. This app is, conveniently called Lockdown. You can download this app from the Google Play Store and use it on any Android device that is running Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, and Oreo. What it does is, it disables the fingerprint sensor and the smart lock.

Download Lockdown App From Play Store

If your phone is running Android Nougat or Oreo, then you can also add quick setting tile and lock your device from there.

Google Play Store: Lockdown

Rotation Suggestion For Any Android Device

For Rotation Suggestion, there is an another dedicated app on Google Play Store called Dynamic Rotation Control which works similar to the rotation suggestion feature from Android P. Dynamic Rotation Control allows user to easily switch between Landscape & Portrait mode without enabling the auto rotation feature of your phone.

Download Dynamic Rotation Control App From Play Store

Since Android P is not publicly available but it’s great to see developers trying their best to bring it’s features on other Android OS version just like Rotation Suggestion feature.

Google Play Store: Dynamic Rotation Control

Now have both these features on your current Android phone. Do share your experience with these apps by dropping a comment below.

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