Compress Images to Save Space with dr.fone Eraser Tool on Android

Read on how you can free up storage space on your Android device using dr.fone with this tutorial. There are a lot of smartphone manufacturers that build a phone without SD card support hence restricting users to the limited internal storage. No doubt, this strategy pushes the consumer to opt for a more expensive smartphone that has a support for external memory card. Not having SD card support is always a con as in this day and age, everyone has a lot files to keep on their smartphones. For devices with limited storage, no expansion: we have a solution that lets you extend free space using a utility named dr.fone.

Generally, to free up space on your Android phone a lot of time is required and then there is the decision of what to delete and what to keep. To make it easier and automated, we have the dr.fone tool. It is an all in one tool for smartphones, compatible with most Android phones. Further, dr.fone -Erase functionality is part of dr.fone tool developed by Wondershare Technology for freeing up space from Android devices.

Download dr.fone

dr.fone not only lets you gain free space on your phone but, also compresses data like images. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

dr.fone Tool Features

This erase tool packs a lot of features like deleting call history, messages and pictures. Its best to keep in mind that once the data is erased with this tool, you won’t be able to recover it again.

  • Scan and preview your personal and private data
  • Erases different private data formats
  • Erase a single file or all the data with one touch
  • Clean up space and speed up the phone
  • Compresses images
  • Safe and easy to use

Free Up Space by Compressing Images

dr.fone compresses the images up to 75% and that too, without loss of quality. The resolution of an image might be reduced which is a small compromise. Follow the simple steps given ahead to compress images:

Step 1 – Download dr.fone from the link below and connect your phone to your PC. dr.fone automatically recognizes the phone you connected given that you have proper USB drivers installed for it.

Download: dr.fone

Step 2 – When your phone is connected, select the Erase option which will then show further four options. Among the four options, select Space Saver option which will then result in yet another popup.

Compress Images to Save Space with dr.fone Eraser Tool on Android 1

Step 3 – In the popup, click on start button under the Lossless Compression text. The tool will start scanning all of your photos. The scanning time will depend on how much photos your have in your phone.

Step 4 – After the scanning is complete, select the date and the photos that are to be compressed and click on start button that can be found on bottom right corner.

Compress Images to Save Space with dr.fone Eraser Tool on Android 2

Step 5 – After the compression has been done, it will show you the number of photos compressed and the amount of the free space in MBs.

Compress Images to Save Space with dr.fone Eraser Tool on Android 3

If you want more space in your phone then, in Step 3, instead of selecting “Lossless” option, select the Export option underneath it. Then select the pictures and the folder in which you to export the pictures and free up more space.

Compress Images to Save Space with dr.fone Eraser Tool on Android 4

There you go, the photos on your phone should have been compressed and exported to your computer hence freeing up space on your smartphone. If you are having any issues compressing the images with dr.fone – Erase tool, just drop a comment below.

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